Microcontroller Instruction Set. For interrupt response time information, refer to the hardware description chapter. Note: 1. Operations on SFR byte address. Instruction Set. 1. Operations on SFR byte address or bit addresses (that is, the PSW or bits in the PSW) also affect flag settings. The Instruction Set. Instruction Set Summary. Rn. Register R7-R0 of the currently selected Register Bank. Data. 8-bit internal data location’s address. This could be an internal.

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Copy the data in add to address in Rp. Load data pointer with 16 bit constant. Skip to main content. Logical AND for bit variables.

The address is formed by adding acc and DPTR and its content is copied to acc. Copy the data from Rx to direct address add. Complete information regarding each instruction like operational explanation, addressing mode, no.

Add 1 to the content of the address in Rp. AND each bit of acc with same bit of content of Rx, stores result in acc. Exchange the data between acc and given add. OR each bit of acc with same bit of content of add given by Rp, stores result in acc.


XOR each bit of acc with same bit of content of add given by Rp, stores result in acc. Decrement and jump if not zero.

8051 Instruction Set

Cjne Rp, num, label. Exchange upper and lower nibble of acc. Clear given bit b. This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components. Add the data in Rx with acc and stores result in acc. Add the data at the address in Rp with acc and carry, stores result in acc. Subtract 1 from content of add. Copy the immediate data num in to direct address.

AND carry with complement of given bit b, stores result in carry. Copy the data from Rx to acc. AND each bit of acc with same bit of content in add, stores result in acc. AND each bit instguction acc with same bit of content of add given by Rp, stores result in acc. Add 1 to register Rr. Copy the data from add2 to add1.

8051/8951 microcontroller Instruction Set

Subtract 1 from acc. Jump instfuction label if given bit is cleared to 0. Cjne a, add, label. Push on to stack. Jump to label if given bit is set.


istruction Logical Exclusive OR for byte variable. What is Web Browser. Clear each bit of acc. Copy the content of external add in Rp to acc.

Take a jump to absolute short range address sadd. SPI Module of Arduino. Interface SD Card with Arduino. Compare the content of accumulator with the content of given address and if not equal jump to label. Exchange accumulator with bit variable. Multiply acc and register B.

types-of-instructions – MikroElektronika

Copy the content of acc to the external add in Rp. Jump if bit is not set. Copy the instructin from direct address add to acc. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. Copy the immediate byte num to the address in Rp.

Copy the data that is at address in Rp to add.