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Baretta, ; in another way, it was determined that there are different microscopic types of cervical mucus, that make the heterogeneous structures. Et all Morphological characterization of different human cervical mucus types using light and scanning electron microscopy.

Adriana Alicia Baretta (Author of ¿NIÑO O NIÑA?. YA PUEDES ELEGIR. Método Baretta)

The fertile pattern of women, who favour the conception of boys, is different from that of the women who favour the conception of girls. The ovulation is produced, one, two, three days and sometimes four days after the reduced peak of the mucus, surrounded by dense mucus and a sensation of dryness the event was denominated positive lack of coincidence and this is more evident when the diet corresponds to a very low coefficient of minerals between 1,30 and 1, The New England Journal of Medicine, ; It is required an initial healthy condition and without interruption with absence of medicaments and pharmaceutical multi-mineral complements or nutritional complements, and no use of contraceptives during the study.

On the other hand, the Syntothermic Method recognises that the ovulation cannot be determined with exactitude having as the only parameter the cervical mucus, and that the ovulation can happen two days before or after the peak. And besides he has taken into account the variations from woman to woman due to their diet. Internet and E-mail were necessary to send and received data because the women participants alive in different countries of Spain and Latin America. Peak of the mucus: The ovulation happens always accompanied by the predominant secretions of this pattern rank one.

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The ovulation happens with frequency barstta the peak and always accompanied by such secretions. The cervical secretions modified by the diet, appear as the most favourable factor of spermatic selection Key words: Otte A et all Como reconocer la Fertilidad Edit.


The first cycle was considered the most concordant with its historic cycle with the diet of rank three. It is necessary to study this theme more deeply, not only for the pre-determinant capacity of the sex that the cervical secretions have, but for the already known potential as selectors of the defective spermatozoids, because they can provide advances as a precaution against illnesses; also for their application in the methods o natural planning of the family.

But it is noticed that in some women it can have more connection with the happening of the peak. Otte, A and others, With regards to the selection of sex, historically, Landrum Shettles concluded that the female secretions tend to be more alkaline when the ovulation is very near; and that at moments more distant from the ovulation, before or even after it, the secretions become more acid.

Sometimes because of its great consistency it is impossible to visualize it without adrianw cervical checking with palms and fingers of their hands. The ovulation barettx simultaneously happen with the peak, but in many cases it occurs one or two days before this event was denominated negative lack of coincidencein which case it is surrounded, before and sometimes later, by a great liquefaction of adriaja mucus.

It was adrjana requested to register the intimate sensation that the secretions cause according to four characteristics: It was also requested that they took photographs of their mucus and they should forward them at the end of each cycle. The last cycle third or fourth, according to its lengthwas a distance in an average of three months from the first, and it was considered concordant with a diet adrizna rank one. Photos of the cervical mucus: Timing of sexual intercourse in relation to ovulation.

Ha sido reconfortante obtener adrian bebe del sexo deseado, y por otro lado muy enriquecedor aprender tanto sobre el cuerpo humano y los valores nutricionales de los alimentos. A- Characteristics of the first studied cycle: The Mucus Pattern of Fertility and Infertility.

Human spermatozoan shapes barettx relation to sex ratios.

Effects on the probability of conception, survival of the pregnancy, and sex of the baby. In some cases the mucus of the peak is destroyed and falls like water, without consistency.


The mini peak becomes considerably reduced the same as the peak. The pattern of the standard fertile mucus is always barettaa. B- Characteristics of the last studied cycle: In the cases of positive lack of coincidence, the involution is not barstta to Clotted mucus, but it is observed during these days involutionary mucus of fertile characteristics, similar to that of the evolution: The last day of this sensation is marked as the PEAK.

The peak is evident according to Standard patters, with abundant liquefaction and immediate involution of lumpy mucus. As a consequence there is a coincidence with the conclusions of Wilcox and colleagues that the sex of the baby has no relation with the happening of the ovulation.

Labro, Baretta, independently of the distance from the ovulation. Section of Natural Methods of Family Planning. The mucus and predominant fertile sensations in the last cycle can be noticed during the peak and before that for several days, and also in the mini peak. Access requested by them to change their eating habits to conceive girl. With regards to the selection of sex, historically, Landrum Shettles concluded that the female secretions tend to be more alkaline when the ovulation is very near; and that at moments more distant from the ovulation, before or even after it, the secretions become more acid.

Evaluation of the historic coefficient of minerals: However, Shettles himself recognises Shettles, that other researchers Guerrero, Harlap report cases of boys conceived even up to five days before the ovulation and girls conceived after the ovulation. During the peak of the mucus, it would favour a boy, and distant from the peak, it would favour a girl.

The cervical secretions appear as the most probable factor of spermatic selection, and not the longevity or of the spermatozoids, or the distance to the ovulation.