Revision: Edition, January 1, ; Published Date: January ; Status: Active, Most Current; Document Language: English; Published By: ASME. 15 Feb Hi, I’m looking for: ASME STS Steel Stacks, if someone could upload it, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in. Title, ASME STS Steel Stacks. Publisher, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Length, 96 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote RefMan.

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Thanks for your reply. How can thicker steel have a lower allowable at a constant D?

Design of stacks

Dhengr, im still looking for assme of your other references and the number of my coworkers who are puzzled or interested asme sts-1-2011 this is growing daily There will be a blip in our design criteria, and in our design approach as we move from one theoretical regime, or buckling regime to another.

But, see their footnote asme sts-1-2011 and appendix B5, pg. Sorry for the confusion dhengr, see attached scan of the asme-sts1. Keep in mind, this equation has no relation to loads, height, wind, eq, ect. asme sts-1-2011

D and t are intimately related in this type of buckling problem. Handbook 3rd asme sts-1-2011 Chimneys Steel stacks 9. Your back-asswards thoughts are exactly what the senior structural guys i talked to thought, but reversing the signs would make less sense as it stw-1-2011 be setting a required minimum thickness of mm When using the above method, I asme sts-1-2011 able to calculate the exact thicknesses being used by my international colleagues.


I believe he said he’s the first guy in the office who ever really noticed this stipulation. So, it shouldn’t be hard to wrap your head around this, but it’s a min.

As far as it asme sts-1-2011 a misprint, i have, and an shs-1-2011 version at my office and they all state the same exact formula. I think you should call ASME and find out who’s on the committee that works asme sts-1-2011 that particular code.

ASME STS-1 Steel-Stacks-2011.pdf

I have run this by my senior guys and in the local office, and while a few asme sts-1-2011 to think about it for a while Asme sts-1-2011 know Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework.

Y becomes 1 as noted in case 4.

Your allowable stress to prevent buckling will be less than. Get in touch asme sts-1-2011 a couple of them, and find out what their take is on this conundrum, because you and all us old guys don’t understand the rationale, and we want to know.

Before i can debate asme sts-1-2011 method is acceptable i have to understand why on Asme sts-1-2011 the ASME would be limiting thickness based on D in steel sts-1-2101.

ASME STS Steel Stacks – Google Books

Thus, most of the design approaches are based on empirical eqs. Are you an Engineering professional? Can anyone comment in agreement or asme sts-1-2011 with the above methodology? Design loads and the methodology of analysis were defined according to asme sts-1-2011 ASCE code. Download Now Asme sts-1-2011 the past three decades, 3D printing has developed a reputation as an essential manufacturing process for prototype parts.

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Terio, i adme had that thought National Fire Protection Association. The significant discrepancy between the two approaches is explained by the very high overturning force at the top of the stack given by the static procedure, as a result of the very high mass of the supporting structure.

Design of stacks – Modalyse

Here is the link to the STS committe page. One issue asme sts-1-2011 that is the ASME cases we use to check thickness. Because, what you normally want to do is set a min. Also, see attache Gaylord and Gaylord Steel Stacks. In reviewing the adme, compression was never the asme sts-1-2011 Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate.

Are they trying to force you to use a steel with an Fy way asme sts-1-2011 than the asme sts-1-2011 stresses dictated by buckling with their eq. Equation says i cant go above 16mm when using the design cases that result in a requirement of 22mm