Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM D at Engineering Wambold Road, Harleysville, PA • • • FAX January, SUBJECT: SPECIFICATION ASTM D Microsoft Word NR ASTM D doc Author: murphym astm d pdf ASTM D () standard specification for concrete joint type ASTM D standard.

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Where maintenance of traffic is necessary the joint may be tested in overlapping sections.

Some rush fees may apply. Please note that depending on your browser’s settings, PDF documents will either download to your workstation or open in a PDF reader.

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The Contractor will be provided with a stamped copy of these drawings. The joint face shall be true to line such that the joint seal shall bear fully and uniformly.

The top surface of the bituminous mix shall be maintained smooth and level with adjacent concrete and shall not ravel. Four sets of the deck joint assembly shop drawings shall be submitted four weeks prior to fabrication. When the repairs are not specified in the Contract, payment for the cost of repairing existing deck joints and of repairing concrete prior asfm the installation of deck joint assemblies or preformed seals will be administered under Extra Work procedures.

Leakage of water through the deck joint assembly installation or the concrete-steel interfaces during this test will constitute failure of the deck joint assembly. This site is maintained by the Government of Ontarioss.

Mixing and placing procedures shall conform to the epoxy manufacturer’s recommendations.

If the previously sawcut face is undamaged and within 5 mm of the specified location, the Contractor may elect to form the groove. All splices shall be shop splices. Astm d pdf Deck Joint Assembly Shop Drawings: Before installation of a new deck joint assembly and epoxy coated bars, the existing reinforcing steel and structural steel against which new concrete will be placed shall be abrasive blast cleaned in conformance with OPSS When new barrier walls are to be constructed, bulkheads shall be used to form block-outs in the barrier wall for the deck joint assemblies.


The hole shall be predampened for one hour with no free water in the hole, immediately prior to placing non-shrink grout. For the first use, it is generally desirable to have the capacitance of the support as small as possible, consistent with acceptable mechanical, chemical, and heat ASTM D Edition, January 1, All deleterious material shall be removed from the temporary 1d850 system bolt holes; bolt holes and bleeder holes shall be drilled to a depth of 20 mm, and all holes shall be air blast cleaned prior to filling with epoxy.

Adhesive shall be applied liberally to both atm of the seal and to both faces of the recess. On request, we can arrange for accessible formats and communication support. Prior to installation of the joint seal, the joint recess shall be abrasive blast cleaned and air blasted in conformance with OPSS to remove laitance and deleterious material.

The removal of existing concrete required ast, prepare the block-out shall be carried out prior to the paving operation.

The paving of the deck and the paving of the approaches 20 m beyond the end of the approach slabs shall be done continuously. The new asphalt pavement shall be sawcut full depth at the limits of the block-out.

Immediately prior to placing the concrete in the block-out, the top f1850 system shall be adjusted to give the specified setting width “J” required by the stamped shop drawings. Ask for rush delivery.

Adhesive on top of the seal shall be scraped off immediately. Abrasive blast cleaned areas shall have the concrete placed in the block- out within 48 h or shall be reblasted.

Astm d1850 pdf

If such failure occurs, the Contractor shall repair or completely replace the deck joint assembly, and shall repeat the water test. If you don’t have an PDF reader installed on your workstation you can get it at Adobe’s download page.

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The preformed seal, with a lubricant and bolted components, shall be installed in conformance with the stamped installation drawings. Coarse Particles in Pigments, Pastes, and Paints1 This standard is issued under the xed designation D ; the number immediately following the designation indicates the year of original adoption or, in the case of revision, the year of last revision. The preformed seal shall be continuous with no splices. The use of lubricant adhesives will not be permitted.

The dimensions of the block-out in the barrier wall shall not be greater than those of the block-out in the deck and ballast wall.

Joint sealant – CMB

For the first use, it is generally desirable to have the capacitance of the support as small as possible, consistent with acceptable mechanical, chemical, and heat. All field welds and damage to corrosion protection shall be repaired with two applications of a zinc rich coating applied in conformance with the manufacturers recommendations. Layout, Installation and Product Drawings: The joint seal shall be installed such that, when fully compressed, it remains below the level of the concrete surface.

The clamping system shall then be tightened and the deck joint assembly secured at the correct width, line and grade. No voids shall be left under the structural steel components. Except when traffic is to be maintained over the unfinished joint, all material used to fill the block-out shall be removed within five working days after the material is placed. Field splicing of external waterstop shall be by heat fusion. Awtm Stock Need it fast? After completion of this work the deck joint assembly shall d18500 placed r1850 the block-out in the position specified in the Contract.

The Ethyl Vinyl Acetate Foam shall be installed in the joint with the laminations asstm. The expansion joint gap shall be plugged and the block-out astk be filled to the top of the deck prior to asphalt paving with material that will not deflect during the paving operation. The lubricant shall be water soluble and non-staining.