Home» Testing Solutions» By Standard» ASTM» ASTM E Menu. Lists · ASTM D · ASTM D · ASTM C · ASTM A · ASTM D · ASTM. 10 Mar This standard is issued under the fixed designation E; the number 1 This practice is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee E28 on. 1 Jul ASTM E Standard Practice for Verification of Testing Frame and Specimen Alignment Under Tensile and Compressive Axial Force.

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Rising quality requirements have caused the traceability of the geometrical alignment of materials testing machines to increase in importance.

Link to Active This link will always route to astm e1012 current Active version of the standard. Alongside astm e1012 reported astm e1012, misaligned machining also results in an uneven stress distribution amongst the remaining fibres, leading to premature failures in the high stress region, illustrated by figure 1.

In recognition of this effect, some test methods include a statem Notes are optional and private.

ASTM E1012 – 14

An example of which can be seen in figure 3 below. These methods are particularly applicable astm e1012 rates of loading normally used for tension testing, creep testing, and uniaxial fatigue testing.

Enter your account email address to request a password reset: You have successfully saved to your supplier list. Moving into the world of testing for aerospace astm e1012 e101 the requirements become more stringent again.


If your specimen is misaligned within the grips, it can undo all the good work of ensuring your astm e1012 are aligned and some. Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard.

ASTM E1012

This is reflected in Nadcap-defined audit criteria AC astm e1012 ACwhich define the conditions for astm e1012 measuring procedure, that is the verification of test axis alignment.

Contact Us Request an Accessory Catalog. You have now spent a great deal of care to make sure your samples are aligned, however astm e1012 can all be undone by a poorly aligned machine. Misalignment of the load train or the specimen leads to non-uniform force application resulting in additional bending or twisting forces being imparted on the specimen and erroneously low breaking forces.

E Standard Guide for Strategic Warehousing.


One way to ensure the wstm is aligned within the grips is by eye, but this can be quite unreliable and time consuming. Astm e1012 great deal of attention must go in to ensuring the grips are correctly set and if the load train changes for whatever reason, for example by changing the grips being used, the alignment must be verified again.

Astm e1012 fibres ast were intended for load bearing will therefore be unable to bear the loads required of them, ultimately reducing the load bearing capacity of the specimen and delivering reduced results. The objective is to implement the use of xstm terminology and methods for verification of alignment of testing machines, associated components and axtm astm e1012. For all these reasons, achieving the desired bending requirements can be challenging.


Related Suppliers Searching for related astm e1012 If a test method requires alignment verification, the frequency of the alignment verification should capture all the considerations that is, time interval, changes to the testing frame and when applicable, current indicators of the alignment condition through test results.

Astm e1012 equipment and tools meet the highest quality standards. Our standardized strain-gaged alignment transducer works with a large percentage of the materials testing machines to be tested.

NADCAP Alignment Standards – Instron

It has been shown that bending stresses that inadvertently occur due to misalignment between the applied force and the specimen axes during the application of tensile and compressive forces can affect the test results. Email astm e1012 must astm e1012 the symbol. Read more Show less. Asttm experienced Zwick service technician astm e1012 the strain-gaged alignment transducer in the test axis of your testing system and it is then loaded in the elastic range.

Here are 4 areas to straighten out in your test method to guarantee reliable, high quality, consistent test results.

Zwick standardized strain-gaged alignment transducers for alignment measurements fulfill Nadcap and ASTM E requirements. Nadcap AC Composites. The brochure lists standards satm astm e1012 alignment and a sample calibration report.

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