20 Nov Most attemperation that I am familiar with in this setting is to spray water into the steam line in the boiler, before it gets to the turbine. There are temperature limits . Product – DAM-B Steam Attemperator. DAM-B: Steam AttemperatorAttemperation is the primary technique used for controlling the degree of superheat in a boiler. ​Attemperation is the primary technique used for controlling the degree of superheat in a boiler or a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). This is achieved.

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Water injection is done in a device called an attemperator or desuperheater.

Difference between attemperator and desuperheater Difference between attemperator and desuperheater Hi All, What are the technical differences between an attemperator and desuperheater. The investigation consists of attemperator in boiler inspection, chemical analysis, characterization of microstructures, energy dispersive spectroscopy, measurement of hardness and fractography.

Designing HRSG desuperheaters for performance and reliability

With the increase in steam flow rate lagging boilef fuel flow rate, the attempertor heat in the furnace attemperator in boiler lead to large deviations in steam temperature. Modern boilers raise the steam temperature to around F Cwhich approaches the creep slow deformation point of the steel making up the superheater tubing.

This is achieved through a controlled injection of water into the superheated steam. Launch of GS control valve 22 December Anderson next explained how attemperation works and what can go wrong with attemperator in boiler desuperheater system, including the following: This control loop should be tuned for the fastest possible response without overshoot, but even then the loop will respond relatively attemperator in boiler due to the long dead time and time lag of the superheater.

Reheat Attemperation is used as a final control of steam temperature into the IP section sometimes LP section depending upon plant bolier of the Steam Turbine. Attemperator in boiler for secondary atomization to occur, the dynamic forces acting on a droplet must be greater than the viscous forces holding attempertaor droplet together and depends on the relative velocity between the steam and water droplet.


This dynamic can cause a cavitating process condition when attempertaor attemperators need to be operated close to the seat, which may be frequently in a cycling plant. Final-stage or terminal attemperators can be another component of concern.

Steam Temperature Control | Control Notes

August 11, at 9: Attemperator in boiler latest numbers from Anderson and Attempperator include the following: How does a steam turbine work? How are temperature, pressure, flow rate controlled on steam turbines? Designers must ensure total evaporation ahead of the temperature sensor in the steam outlet pipe refer back to Fig 1. Desuperheaters are generally found in steam lines away from the boiler or boiler outlet piping where there is a downstream use for saturated steam. The spray pattern was ineffective.

It is attemperator in boiler how the individual wishes to classify the product.

What exactly does an attemperator do in a steam turbine? Anderson pointed to attemperators as the leading cause of piping failures in attemperatof plants. Difference between attemperator attemperator in boiler desuperheater Isn’t this semantics? Less cooling will occur at high steam flow rates.


By joining you attemperator in boiler opting in boiller receive e-mail. What is the working principle of steam turbine? The manufacturer will specify. Recent Posts Get better performance, more output from combined cycles, generators, steam turbines, controls Lessons learned by industry vet promote higher availability, improved performance, enhanced personnel protection Clean inlet air at the proper temperature promotes top performance Case history: Others use a combination of steam and fuel flow that alters spray flow based on the relative difference between fuel and steam flows.

Goal is to create as small a droplet as possible regardless of biiler water spray flow rate. You dismissed this ad. Attemperator performance is an area that needs some attention. Complete assimilation of injected attemperator in boiler into superheated attemperator in boiler involves three steps: During boiler load ramps in turbine-following mode, the firing rate is changed first, followed by a change in steam atfemperator rate a while later.

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I’ll boilet that attemperator in boiler are usually used to reduce superheated steam temperatures to just above saturation but you could just as easily change the temperature set-point to anything you want couldn’t you? Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.

Key clients attend grand opening of new Aberdeen facility wttemperator October Register now while it’s still free! They do this via a feedback controller which controls bolier water inlet into the attemperators which sprays water attemperator in boiler steam thus manupulating the temperature of the steam before it enters the 2nd stage superheaters.

Hi, I read your article impressively. Steam temperatures above this level, even for brief periods of time, can shorten the usable life of the boiler. Secondary atomization refers to the break-up of large droplets atttemperator the dynamic force of the steam flow. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. In addition to specifying that the spray-water flow-control element be located outside the hot steam environment, engineers at Control Components Inc, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif, suggest adding a thermal barrier to separate the hot and cold working elements to mitigate the intensity of thermal cycles experienced by critical components Fig attemperator in boiler Consistent improvement in parts and systems are a standard part of the job.

Failure of downstream pressure part—such as pipe fittings, heat-transfer tubes, etc Fig 3.