The Alvars during the early medieval period of Tamil history worshipped Vishnu and his avatars The divyadesams that have the most number of pasurams sung upon them are Srirangam (), Thirumala (), The word azhwar means the one who dives deep into the ocean of the countless attributes of god. Azhwars. 30 ஜூன் (In the second pAsuram, AzhwAr talks about Emperumaan’s act during Churning of Milk Ocean by Devas and asurAs). My father, – en appan-. Srivaishnava Divya Desa Mangalasasana Pasurams sung by 12 Azhwars ( Alwars), Each Kshetram wise – Pasuram number given with Azhwar’s name.

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PeriyaThirumozhi to 10, to PeriyaThirumozhi, to Thiruvalvaazh – Sri Kolapira Perumal Temple. Divya Desams Divya Prabandha Mangalasasanam.

Ahobilam – Sri Azhwqr Narasimhar Temple. Sri Ramaavathaaram is narrated herein. In the Azhagiya Manaval Perumal temple, a day festival is celebrated that included Araiyar sevaiVeda Paaraayanam reciting of Vedasspecial thirumanjanam ablution and procession inside the temple.

வெற்றி பாசுரம் – Paasuram for Success and Victory

The devotees of Srivaishnva sect of Hinduism pay respect to the azhwars in a similar vein to their worship of Vishnu. It is in two parts for easy download in MP3 format. The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society.

The foremost among them is which host many treasured texts and beautiful commentaries organized and maintained by Sriman V. Thiruppaan Alvar or Thirupaanazhwar is one of the twelve azhwar saints of South Indiawho are known for their affiliation to Vaishnava tradition of Hinduism. May the grace of the Azhwar be with all of us always. Tirukudanthai Kumbakonam Boodathazhwar IrandamT. A Dictionary of Indian Literatures: It is the birth month of Sri Andal.


Madhurakavi Alvar sang only in praise of his guru – Nammalvar and has not done mangalasasanam on any Divya Desam. This is the excellent description of Nrisimha avataar. Tirumaalirumsholai Boodathazhwar Irandam T. The Thirunakshatram of the Azhwar falls on the 26th of January, Thirukkudanthai – Sri Sarangapani Perumal Temple.

Free translation with commentary in English of this beautiful prabhandham based on the Vyaakhyaanam of the great Acharya was authored and published in book format in the year by Sri.

Along with the three Saiva nayanmarsthey influenced the ruling Pallava kings of the South Indian region, resulting in changing the religious geography azhwwar Buddhism and Jainism to the two sects of Hinduism.

Naturally, when the mountain was in the middle, the whole place was at a higher elevation, and the rivers were flowing form the higher elevation to their mountains. When the soldiers mallars- wrestlers? Like Andal, whose thoughts were always on Aranganathan, and was enraptured by the love of the Perumal, Thiruppaan Alwar was also captured by this love and he became a part of the Lord along with his mortal sheath.

The songs of Prabandam are regularly sung in all the Vishnu temples of South India daily and also during festivals. Srirangam – Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple. This is about His saving the entire universe during PraLayam Cosmic cycle end. He, created the whole universe, in the beginning.


Modern historians place the period of azhwars from the 5th to 8th century AD, but there is dispute about the chronology and relation between each other. A Primer of Tamil Literature.

Atthigiri Hastigiri – Pasram. We are delighted to provide here the texts as well as simplified meaning of the verses as translated by late Sri G. Thirumazhisai is the first village situated on the road to Tiruppathi from Chennai.

Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana! Thirupaanazhwar is known for his affiliation to Ranganatha of the Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple and is believed to have merged with the deity. NachiarThirumozhi to It is widely accepted by tradition and historians that the trio are the earliest among the twelve azhwars. Like the fierce fire, the rains rained like cats and dogs for consecutive seven days and nights to destroy the Aayar kulam due to Indran getting antagonised by them.

Mangalasasanam by Divyadesam – Wikipedia

Dear Devotees and friends: His principal purport in them is: Thus the entire lankaa was made to dust by Sri Rama. The childless pair cherished the child and fed him with high quality food to avoid influence of deletrious food used by their community.

The Hindu passuram to Sri Lanka. Irandaam Thiruvandathi 3, Thirukkulanthai – Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. Tirukadanmallai Boodathazhwar Irandam T.