Find great deals for Hal Leonard Progressive Bass Concepts – John Myung Video. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Shop for the Hal Leonard Progressive Bass Concepts – John Myung Video and Topics covered in the bass guitar lessons include chord tones, patterns and. John Myung from Dream Theater is one of my greatest influences and I recently primary/ I think he called it progressive bass concepts for a reason.

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In a later interview, he said that this will not be considered a signature model, per Music Man’s company policy. The natural-finish Wingbass II was his main live instrument in this period, and all three myyng in his “Progressive Bass Concepts” instructional video.

Retrieved October 25, He sometimes uses slapping and popping on some songs, such as “The Dark Eternal Night”, and also uses tapping and harmonics in his bass playing. The finished product was a bass with a 6-string body but with the 6 strings accommodating a 5-string neck, resulting in a tighter string spacing. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Age of Impact Raising the Mammoth. Progressive metalprogressive rock. On July 23,Sterling Ball announced that Myung was moving to Music Man, writing that “John has fallen in love with the prototypes that we made of the Bongo 6 and is now playing them exclusively.

Archived from the original on The StingRay his main live instrument in that period was customized with an added front pickup driving a clean bass amp, while the bridge signal was sent to the effects chain.

Myung performing with Dream Theater in Berlin, After graduating from high school, he and Petrucci enrolled at the Berklee College of Musicwhere they met Mike Portnoy. Dream Theater sources report that the Stick routinely comes into the studio and has sometimes made it so far as tracking the song “Home” from Scenes from a Memory originally featured itbut it has not made the mix since Falling into Infinity.


The trio became the nucleus of Dream Theaterwhich became Myung’s primary professional focus. Myung owned at least three of the only instruments constructed, two “Wingbass II Bolt-on” six-strings one Natural and one Sunburstand one “Wingbass II Hybrid a “half neck-through”.

Views Read Edit View history. A Change of Seasons.

John Myung | Progressive Bass Concepts Ex10 | guitar pro @ Guitar Tabs Archive

Dream Theater’s group writing process makes it difficult to identify which member of the band authored a particular song or song section, but on DVD commentaries, the band members have sometimes identified certain parts as “a John Myung riff,” such as parts of Fatal Tragedy and the introduction to The Glass Prison.

Myung’s personal Progressivve differed from the production model, having a second pickup and additional controls.

He has primarily used six-string basses ever since. These can be seen in videos from Images and Words and heard on Live at the Marquee.

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A bolt-on bass with alder body with flame-maple top, 35″ scale, and “Infinity” dot inlay on the fretboard, various Red and Blue RBX6JM models were thereafter his main studio and live jyung untilalthough he experimented with a Hamer 8-string bass and Music Man StingRay five-string while recording Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. This article is about the American musician. He has also used Moog Taurus myuny Bass Pedals since And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs.

Archived from the original on June 21, Myung switched to six-string basses for Dream Theater’s subsequent tours, using several high-end Tobias “Basic” models. After Tung ceased production, Myung began endorsing Yamaha instruments, using its TRB and John Patitucci six-string fretted and fretless basses live while working with Yamaha’s Artist Custom Shop on what would become his signature instrument.


Retrieved from ” https: As a result, the band eventually imposed an unwritten lyric rule that required lyrics to be “properly formed, phrased, constructed, etc.

Hal Leonard Progressive Bass Concepts – John Myung Video

Footage from the recording of Systematic Chaos in showed Myung playing various Music Man basses. Myung wrote the lyrics to one song per album from Images and Words to Metropolis Pt. For the Awake album and tours, Myung used basses produced by a small company formed by former Tobias luthier Nicholas Tung. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Portnoy has claimed that this was because Myung’s lyrics usually needed some work by the rest of the band to fit to the song.

John Myung

Myung mainly uses a two or three finger picking style in his playing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Myung uses both tapping and fingerstyle to play the Chapman Stick.


Myung is known for his rigorous practicing schedule. Live in Tokyo 5 Years in a Livetime Metropolis Producer Kevin Shirley and keyboardist Derek Sherinian have said that Myung is the only musician they know who “warms down” after a show. His best known use of tapping is his solo in the song “Metropolis. After taking violin lessons from the age of five, he started playing bass guitar at fifteen.

For the American poker player, see John Myung poker player.