Fun for fans of the first, but still overlong, violent. Read Common Sense Media’s Seeds of Rebellion: Beyonders, Book 2 review, age rating, and parents guide. Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders) [Brandon Mull] on Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders Book 2) and millions of other books are available for instant. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Brandon Mull is the author of the New York Times, USA Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders Book 2) by [Mull, Brandon].

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Speaking of unique and creative, the entire idea of ‘the word’ and the seesd at the end of the first book, were a perfect set up for a sequel. Some aspects of the world that Mull has created I enjoy, and it is imaginative in some ways, but overall the story is missing something.

I don’t know what I was expecting, a LOTR style ensemble perhaps, but that seems farfetched since this is a kids book. Older tweens and teens are also better prepared for the frequent battles, the death of good characters by many violent meansand the ick factor of a disease where worms take over your body and turn you into the walking dead the good guys have to fight hundreds of these zombies at once.

Semakin banyak dan beragam teman perjalanan yang muncul dengan satu tujuan yang sama: While on the northern side rebellipn the river, he encounters a family of giants who try to kill him.

Lyrian holds dangers and challenges unlike anyplace Jason has ever known. The next book is so tragic and perfectly done that I don’t want to even read it until I have had some time to recover. Some traveling companions die there, another gets blown off a cliff, a few more are killed in fights against soldiers using arrows and swords, another gets dragged under water in rebelion swamp by giant beings with tentacles there’s much hacking of tentacles to keep everyone else safe.

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It exists, Jason and Rachel are there, displacers, manglers, Edomic I love the plot, love the characters, love the ideas. It’s disappointing, because there is so much that is good in this book, and this series had the potential to be something amazing. There is no wasted space on boring histories of the world, Lyrian just Lists with This Book. I need some happy cleanse.

Saya suka dengan karakter-karakter baru yang muncul di sini. Curled up in a ball hoping to wake up soon kind of scared. This epic fantasy trilogy includes all three hardcover action-packed titles: Jason has a chance to stay in his own world but comes back for Rachel and for what he now considers is his struggle against Maldor, too.

It remained the same distance away as before, still as a statue.

Read Seeds of Rebellion read free novels online by Brandon Mull | Full Books

Brandon Mull also does a great job of writing it and including very descriptive word choice like “pantomimed” and “dismantle”. When hearing this, his friends join together with him to lead a rebellion against Maldor, beyonderx evil emperor. Ceritanya masih tetap seru dan bikin betah untuk dibaca.

Nov 16, Miki rated it really liked it Shelves: Beyonders Seeds of Rebellion. Seeds of Rebellion rebeplion the second book in the Beyonders series by Brandon Mull.

Seeds of Rebellion

Brandon Mull also does a great job of writing it I think this book was very exciting and adventurous. Something I loved about the Fablehaven series that Brandon Mull wrote was that the characters and world we Brandon Mull has created an amazing world, and some amazing races. Check out the listing in Wikipedia on “Monomyth” or books by Joseph Campbell to explore further.


It was Final rating: Jan 26, Sydney Kirsch rated it liked it. Sfeds think that maybe he’s so concerned with world building a unique world that he’s losing focus on his characters, and his characters were one of the things I enjoyed so much in seeds other stories.

Now, imagine you finally found your way home Is it OK for kids to read books outside their reading levels? When I tried it again I thought it was a bit better than my, beeyonders impression”.

Seeds of Rebellion: Beyonders, Book 2 Book Review

See how we rate. Which is the first Beyonders book? It certainly feels similar to Narnia, Middle-Earth or any other medieval fantasy world, but it had it’s own uniqueness too, including the beings who populate it.

But then it was good ol’ Jason in Lyrian again, which was grand. Stay up to date on new reviews. It’s still a good read, at least.

Harus jujur kukatakan kalau buku ini lebih inferior daripada buku pertama.