Featuring two highly evolved channels, capable of clean tones that shimmer like icicles in the deep of winter moonlight and tube saturation that is so rich and. SHIVA MANUAL – Bogner . UBERSCHALL TWIN JET MANUAL – Bogner Bogner Alchemist User Manual – Revision C – Download BOGNER SHIVA SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Siva Boogie

Use only type “3AG Slow Blow” fuses. Bogner shiva manual Bogner shiva manual Link: Tubes are delicate and have a limited live span depending on operating time, temperature and mechanical influences. The 1×12″ boggner made prior to Juneare loaded with a Celestion Classic 80 8 ohm speaker.

Please read safety instructions before you use this amplifier!!! The Shiva is a masterful study of refined elegance, providing the synergy of one’s heart and hands. Put a new one in and see what happens.

You have individual Reverb controls for each channel located on the back panel. Please don’t feel discouraged.

Bogner Shiva Amp Owner’s Manual – Synergy Guitars

Foot-switchable boost function for both channels, variable for channel 2. The tone controls stay in the circuit and affect the sound.

As always, you must have the amp under load from a speaker cab or load box or damage may occur. Standard Shiva – EL34 models are 80 watts and have a nice throaty growl with aggressive English-style midrange to punch thru the mix. Shiva 6L6 models made before June approx.


Please read safety instructions before you use this amplifier!!! It would not be necessary to return the signal back into the amp.

When ready to play, flick the power switch up to the “play” position. If you’re kind to your amp, shica will reward you with grateful reliability.

Experiment with different combinations between Volume and Master Volume. It is possible to change that with a very easy modification. Your individual channel volume levels control how hot the effects loop send signal is, depending on the effect unit you may have to keep the channel volumes lower but you can then turn up the “Global Master Volume” to control your amps overall volume.

Make sure you turn your amp off when you switch tubes and be careful the tubes might be very hot!! Always make sure your Cables, Guitars, Effects and Extension Cabinets are working and hooked up correctly. Repairs should be done only by knowledgeable Technicians!! The Shift button will as it is labeled shift the EQ. This will stabilize the circuits and prevent a painful surge from flashing through your tubes.

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If you put the amp in play make sure you have a load or speaker cabinet hooked up, otherwise you could damage the output transformer and the power tubes. Bogner shiva and Acstacy Service Bogner shiva manual pdf. This rotary switch allows you to activate either: NOTE using the “older version” Shiva without the footswitch connected: Reverb with independent reverb level controls for each channel.

One could say it will please the Dumble favoring players. Troubleshooting Make sure your read and understand the safety instructions!!

The Bogner Shiva Head with Reverb tube guitar amplifier head packs a lot of punch into a very portable package that sounds great Shiva Series User Manual Oct 15, – Hi everybody, I have finally found a rig that I am really satisfied with. We let our amps run for at least two days before we ship them to make sure that the tubes work properly but since they have a glass housing and delicate little plates inside them it happened that they got damaged during shipping.

The footswitch jacks are located on the back panel.