Daniel Tammet doesn’t exhibit the greatest literary style in his Born on a Blue Day . It reads as a series of anecdotes strung together; however, that doesn’t matter. Daniel Tammet FRSA (born 31 January ) is an English essayist, novelist, translator, and autistic savant. His memoir, Born on a Blue Day, about his life. Full text of “Born On A Blue Day By Daniel Tammet” But it is a book not just about the mind of Daniel Tammet, but a book about his world as well And both are.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. According to a study by the U. I didn’t have to think about it; it would just happen If there was a danidl noise, such as a knock on the door, it was painful to me, like a shattering of that experience. I had gone into convulsions and lost consciousness. I remember my father telling me not to go into the room when my mother was upset.

But it is not a long book and not a difficult read. That night, and everyone after until New Year, I slept in my shepherd’s robes and hat.

Bathtime was always a rushed and crowded affair. Sometimes people I meet for the first time remind me of a particular number and this helps me to be comfortable around them They night be very tall and remind me of the number nine, or round and remind me of the number three.

These are the prime numbers; the building blocks of my numerical world.

Excerpt: “Born on a Blue Day,” by Daniel Tammet

The resulting book is a story of a life that is both remarkable and inspiring. He sees words and numbers as colors and textures, with different characters having different sizes born on a blue day by daniel tammet shapes.

These, then, are the compensations of Daniel’s life and my impression was that, despite all the difficulties, he would not wish to lose them. There is the emotional response to the mere sound of a word, before cognizance of definition the roots of onomatopoeia. Some nights, when I’m having difficulty falling asleep, I imagine myself walking around my numerical landscapes.


From about the time I first started school I developed a great love for and fascination with fairy tales – the stories and intricately detailed illustrations filled my head with vivid mental pictures of towns overflowing with porridge and of princesses sleeping on a bed a hundred mattresses high with a single pea underneath.

Full text of “Born On A Blue Day By Daniel Tammet”

The nurse encouraged patients to look away while the needle was being inserted but I kept my head still, my gaze fixed, watching the transparent tube above the needle fill with dark red blood. I had no tammmet at all of play as a mutual activity. Though I sometimes still find it difficult to open up and give of myself the feelings necessary to do so are definitely inside me. If he gets stressed or unhappy he closes his eyes and counts.

Judging from his social awkwardness at times, I think Daniel got situated very quickly and learned all by himself how to interact with others. The Cyber Effect Mary Aiken. My father was given a Lego set as a born on a blue day by daniel tammet present by the family friend who had helped to look afier him The hostel was made up of small huts with shared toilets, bathroom and kitchen for the residents. I must have driven them to distraction In their despair they often put me in a blanket, my mother holding one end and my father the other, and swung me from side to side.

Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant, a Memoir

Daniel Tammet first became known to the world for such feats as setting the world record for memorizing the most digits of PI 22, and learning to speak Icelandic in a week. He is virtually unique amongst people who have severe autisitic disorders in being capable of living a fully-functioning, independent life.

Thinking of calendars always makes me feel good, all those numbers and patterns in one place. When I did hold a toy, like my rabbit, I would grasp it rigidly at the edges and move it from side to side. Hearing their recollections of my earliest years has been a magical experience for me; to see for myself in hindsight the extent of their role in making me the person I born on a blue day by daniel tammet today.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A year after the move my mother gave birth for the sixth time, to twins.

The size of our family brought its own set of challenges. My favourite experience at the park was going on the swings. Labeled Autisticand Nobody Nowhere: Written by an award-winning born on a blue day by daniel tammet journalist, Lesley-Ann Jones toured widely with Queen forming lasting friendships with the band. Tammet’s ability to think abstractly, deviate from routine, and empathize, interact and communicate with others is impaired, yet he’s capable of incredible feats of memorization and mental calculation.

Naturally there are weaknesses, or perhaps places lacking clarity.

If someone had told my parents ten years ago that I would be living completely independently, with a loving relationship and a career, I don’t think they would have believed it and I’m not sure I would have either. His celebrity- status gives him a good podium worldwide from which to carry out that admirable goal He vorn wants to dau to work with scientists to study his special abilities in greater detail And he wants to promote different ways of learning, particularly visual learning, which is so often so important in better understanding, and then teaching, people with autistic spectrum disorders.

Besides being able to effortlessly multiply and divide huge sums in his head with the speed and accuracy of a computer, Tammet, the subject of the documentary Brainmanlearned Icelandic in a single born on a blue day by daniel tammet and recited the number pi up to the 22,th digit, breaking the European record. I find it very hard to filter out external noise and regularly put my fingers born on a blue day by daniel tammet my ears to help me concentrate.