30 Apr Explore the popular test automation frameworks for HP’s UFT (formerly In the Business Process Testing (BPT) Automation Framework the test. QTP Frameworks Basics Different types of Frameworks used in QTP. . Business Process Testing (BPT) Framework in QTP . Posts about bpt framework in qtp written by Bibek Khatiwara.

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While designing the manual Business Components, they will clearly mention the test steps and the expected results. Manual testers design the manual Component for the required functionality, which is automated by the automation tester.

In this mode, it runs from start to finish without pausing and continues immediately to the next Component in the test. Output parameter list window is displayed with a list of all output parameters of the previous Components.

bpt framework in qtp | Automation Lab:- A touch of madness!

If you have input bpt framework in qtp it is displayed in this column. History bppt contain two sub tabs: Unless there has been improvements though the keyword view for BPT in QC doesn’t allow you to use control structures so can end up with a whole bunch of duplicated code if you let them do that, although you can write your own keywords as well that do more than just click, select etc.

Keyword-driven component Navigate to the automation tab. Click on the Launch button QTP should bpt framework in qtp installed in the same machine framewodk, it will open the QTP and displays a pop up asking us to associate an application area to the Component. Role 2 Automation Engineer: A Component can be any one of the following status in given time, which is Under Development, Ready, Bpt framework in qtp and Error status respectively.


You really can do as little as record the application objects and let the manual team have at it. You can move all the invalid Components to this folder, so that you can review before removing them permanently from QC. To me it just seems to be overly complex ij error prone hp defects, user inexperience etc. You can even create subfolders under your main framewor. When I’ve had to take over projects that other people have done ffamework BPT I’ve typically found lots of small, very specialised components, with lots of duplicated code and nothing in shared function libraries, poor performance and a maintenance nightmare.

Business Process Testing(BPT) Framework in QTP/UFT

If bpf want to run only selected iterations you can use the ‘Select Bpt framework in qtp and you can range of iterations which you want run as shown below. BPT helps indulge Business Analysts in the automation process.

Application area contains shared object repositories, function libraries and all other settings required to automate the Components. Output parameters can be added or deleted similar to input parameters. Once Components are arranged in the test scripts editor pane it is displayed as five column structure: It is performed step-by-step to confirm that all business rules are working correctly and when any deviation is found the defects are logged.

Once SMEs create a business process template bpt framework in qtp components are ready for coding and can be forwarded to QA testers. Business process validation is the act of verifying end-to-end business process.


In the large corporation I work in, we’ve been using BPT for about 3 years now and it it still maturing. Business Process Testing is an advanced testing technique. It contains bpt framework in qtp basic fields like Component name, created by, creation date Even you can run the BPT’s famework in the different machines using this module.

Third Business Bpt framework in qtp that verifies field values. All training center provides training on windows application for Flight application. There are two types bpt framework in qtp SMEs. I would like to know when we will be performing this BPT in software test life cycle. Enables us to execute the Business process tests and view frameowrk results.

Create Actual Business Process Tests: I wanted to develop a framework for a web application.

You can use this tab if you want to pass data or retrieve data from the Component. The automation team don’t ib need to qp all the coding either, if you record the application objects, then the manual team can actually bpt framework in qtp a keyword view to “write” the code. It really starts with one Technical Bpt framework in qtp person or small team that has a very firm grasp of Business Process Testing, who can own the process and suite of tools, and who can roll out the necessary training and best practices across QA.