used 89 Brendella Shortline Comp which was my first boat. It was a good . dealers out there who really love this sport and know their stuff. In particular. There is a Ski Brendella Pro Comp for sale locally for $16, it mentioned that Ski Brendella boats were not known for . me to a MB Sports distributor. I had a 94 Brendella Pro Comp up until last year. It was a great boat but the wake was small even when weighted.

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My advice is wait it out a little bit and then lowball her when it doesn’t sell right away.

She comes with barefoot boom, sky-high pole, trailer, and a full tank of gas. The sport has storage under the open bow cusions, under the observer seat, a HUGE trunk, and a ski bdendella between the driver and passenger seat. The sport is a bigger boat, it handles a little less sports car like than the 90 ski but compared to the boats you’ve had experience with you’d swear you’re driving something that’s on rails.

Funding for the site comes from members like you. I need to see what extras she’s adding onto the NADA. Prev 1 2 Next. I would get the sport if you can afford but if the 10K is your max the brendella might be worth looking at. Check on the Brendella, if they are wood, its likely a several thousand dollar repair if you have the stringers done professionally.

Trailer is in good shape, newer tires, good lights, always rinsed. Berndella brendella wont have as good of resale but thats why its cheaper to buy than the sport.


Ski Brendella Boats for sale

Looks like any wave over 12 inches is coming in if you are not under power. Correct Craft owners, and CCFan members in particular, are more passionate about their boats than most people. It is VERY easy to take a roller over the bow of my nautique, and it doesnt have the dipped nose, I would be more inclined to go with the sport as it will probably keep the water out when you encounter your first wake board boat wake.

You mention the versatility of the Sport. The sport hull is wport a stretched NWZ no wake zone era hull that was standard on all Ski Nautiques from Ski supreme, sky supreme, centurion, air nautique, ski nautique, mb sport, ski brendella, mobius, malibu, mastercraft, tige, moomba, supra, calabria. Ive always heard great things about them and I really like the quality aspect of them. Thanks for the replies and keep them coming. Also after looking at some pictures of the brendella it does ride very bow low.

Yea I’m onboard with Chris.

Wakeboarder :: Weighting a 93 Ski Brendella Sport Comp

Brendella is a west coast boat, MB is what they are called now because they are made by Mike Brendella. This is a solid boat, dependable and ready for a weekend on the water. Hey guys, new here and not looking to start an argument, just looking for facts. My wife likes to ski, I like to kneeboard and bdendella knows what the kids will end up wanting to do so I would love some versatility in the boat.

I did talk to her again today and she wants to split the cost of a new trailer with me but that means the price goes up to about 12k. I am ready to get my next boat now and have always wanted an inboard. This hull IMO is a superb all around style.


Brendella Sport Comp

brehdella Never said anything about either of them being FI. It has been serviced with oil change, tune up and new starter. High to Low Price: That era Bredella will be an excellent ski boat, but will have a mediocre wake board wake.

This boat is located in Thornton, Colorado and is in great condition. As a previous Procraft Fish-n-Ski boat owner with a Mariner on it yes I know it’s a bass boat wannabe I’d say go with the inboard sorely on the basis that you are wanting to cover all watersport aspects.

Get a boat history report Finance this boat Get an insurance quote. This boat performs phenomenally well on the water. Perfect slalom boat, pretty good wakeboard boat.

Brendella Sport Comp | Waterski Magazine

Trailer is in excellent shape, tires like new, all lights work. Are you sure on the hp?

Upholstery has been replaced, tower added with two board racks and a bimini top, working stereo system with 4 speakers, all gauges were replaced and dash updated. This boat also comes with a beautiful trailer. Guys, I think that Brendella will have the same motor as the sport.

I throw friends in the thing and we aren’t cramped. Also has onboard shower and a heater for driver and passenger.