Editorial Reviews. Review. “This book is an utter delight.” -RT Book Reviews on Moonlight Robyn Carr is a RITA® Award-winning, #1 New York Times bestselling author of . Ms. Carr has brought it home with ‘Bring Me Home for Christmas’. This past year, I’ve read a whole slew of Robyn Carr’s books from both her Virgin In Bring Me Home for Christmas, Virgin River was finally resurrected in all its. This year, Becca Timm knows the number one item on her Christmas wish list— getting over Denny Cutler.. Bring Me Home For Christmas Robyn Carr.

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I think seeing old characters was inevitable in this book because Jack and Preacher bring me home for christmas robyn carr pretty much taken Denny under their wings and the bar is the center of the community.

Between the urban bustle of Denver and the ne environment of a career in neurosurgery, Maggie Sullivan has hit a wall.

I thought the same thing! Then I got caught up with the last 2 books and so am looking forward to this new book.

Overall book rating

I also didn’t like the part where she was talking bring me home for christmas robyn carr meeting Doug, and being in a lover’s arms again. I will admit to not liking Becca at the start. Trivia About Bring Me Home for He didn’t turn out to be Denny’s dad after all, but he did become a father-figure and loyal friend to the young man. Becca is a born and bred SoCal girl, who loves to surf and live on the edge.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This was a reunited lovers story, pure and simple. Of course, this book made me cry several times. I thought he was prob a virgin too before ms met her.

Bring Me Home For Christmas – Audiobook |

However, it was also nice to be back in Virgin River and to see everyone. But overall it was a nice story.


Sweet Read This was a sweet Christmas read. What really made Bring Me Home for Christmas come alive and sparkle with holiday cheer though, was the town.

Bring Me Home For Christmas

Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? They had a bad breakup 3 years earlier and both need closure, Becca especially since she is considering getting married. He broke up with Becca and went to war, but when he came back he realized his mistakes and asked her forgiveness, which she angrily denied him, and so he went in search for his father.

I just don’t know. After em read all of the bring me home for christmas robyn carr novels in this series, I guess it was time for the law of averages to kick in. Cqrr would have liked more of Denny’s POV since he’s a more likable character. However, I thought Ms Carr went a bit heavy-handed this time around and it impeded on the romance. Then Denny talks to Jack and says he’s leaving with her. I was dying to hear what he was thinking–I mean, I knew what he was telling Becca, but I would’ve loved to get inside his head.

So she had decided. Carr has a very distinct voice and this means that all the books start to sound very much alike, especially now rboyn we are in book 14, so that might get old if you are a returning fot, but bring me home for christmas robyn carr stories are light and a fun way to spend some free time. It is cool how they put unit patches on homf tree, though. However, if you would like to have specific items shipped to different addresses, please place each order separately.

At times this felt like a teaching guide, and not a romance. It just warms your soul how they pull together to insure that no one is left out or forgotten during the holiday season.

Your past has followed you. House on Olive Street By: I was bring me home for christmas robyn carr about that as she won’t get her own book until the next to the last of the series, Sunrise Pointwhich I’ll definitely be looking forward to. Newer Post Older Post Home. I loved seeing her make friends with all the VR characters I’ve come to love, loved seeing her find a place where she could feel needed, and especially loved her reunion with Denny.

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This year, Becca Timm knows the number one bring me home for christmas robyn carr on her Christmas wish list—getting over Denny Cutler. Her and Denny’s romance just slacked off. A little last minute, but come on. Even if they hadn’t, there’s nothing more they can do today. They definitely weren’t communicating well at all. He came from a successful, financially secure family. If the book was provided by the author or publisher for review, it will be noted on the post.

Christmas in Virgin River is always a magical time, but this book shows it in such an incredible bring me home for christmas robyn carr. Nestled on the Oregon coast is a small town of rocky beaches and rugged charm. It wasn’t just them though, as many old favorites were present in the story even if in name only. I particularly liked Denny ever since he first appeared in the books so I was happy to see him get his happy ending.

You know Denny and Becca will get back together, but their relationship still faces some homd. All orders are shipped the next working day, depending on the time of day the order was placed and stock availability.

March, 11 6 Mar 06, They were Troy, Dirk and Rich who were like brothers to him during his first hitch, during his deployment to Iraq.