briot accura cx manual PDF ePub Mobi. Download briot accura cx manual PDF, ePub, Mobi. Books briot accura cx manual PDF, ePub, Mobi. Page 1. Briot Accura Maintenance Manual Sap Pm End User Manual Calibration Process. Sap Pm End User Manual Calibration Process. PDF or Read Edger Manual For Briot Accura PDF on The Most Popular Online PDFLAB. Get Access Edger Manual For Briot AccuraPDF and Download Edger .

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Briot Accura Calibration Manual

Remove the edger cover guard, by using the key contained in accessory box. If the machine is not going to be used for a long period of time you should unplug the bgiot cords from the wall outlet. Step Action 1 Level the machine by screwing or unscrewing the four feet.

Step 1Action Level the machine by screwing or unscrewing the four feet. Rotation in normal speed in opposite direction. Entering from a sub-menu Tree upwards move Follow the steps below, according to the sub-menu involved: The edging cycle stops immediately. The round lens is edged in rimless program.

To set the tracing speed, proceed as follows: Step 1 Action Move the EXIT option to the uppermost acucra of the screen between the left and right black arrowsby using key for scrolling-up and key for scrolling-down. Illustration7Remove the wedge located between the chassis and the carriage. Step 1 Action Drill the bench as follows. Check the set screw of the gear A is lined up with the acckra. Press the key to validate the stylus position. The machine performs one movement and lists the Rho values.


Step 1 Action Illustration Access to the following adjustment dialogue. IF the safety bevel is not present on one or both sides of the lens too thin on one or both sides of the lens THEN select the line s confirmed with key andIncrease the safety bevel depth on the concerned side s of the lens aid of the key.

Pull up carefully the scanform wedge. Type Message Cause 08 01 Clamp the lens before start The lens has to be clamped before starting the edging cycle. Step 1Action Access to the following screen of the adjustment dialogue. Check there is no lens debris preventing a normal motion of the lens feelers. Opening of the visor.

ActionThe initialisation is in progress then the following screen comes up. Diagram7Remove the stopper located at the rear of the machine in order to get access to the concerned screw.

Confirm 11 Esc Adjust the following carriage landing position: Measure manusl second edged lens diameter using a digital calliper. The machine performs one movement and lists the Rods values. Yes No5Measure the 40 mm lens size thanks to a digital calliper.

Save the performed calibration. Briot Accura Maintenance Manual Documents. The icon comes up. In combination with the following key: Water spray must not be too high to avoid a mist creation that can moisten the TP roughing wheel and create an undesired edging in ribbon of polycarbonate.


The landing position values come up as follows. Select Continuous Mvt to perform continuous movements and go to step 4. To do this, press the keypad and press the key or enter a job number aid of the key.

Press the Confirm key. The bevel is placed in the center of the lens Rear Side Bevel: Turret Rotation rotation Sx Finishing bevel Mineral 5. The saved job comes up. Shall accjra finish the lens? Did not select the function The bevel is automatic after roughing and lens feeling. The partial counter is resetting.

Briot Accura Calibration Manual

Step 1 Action When you are in the scanning screen, press simultaneously the keys. Function Save the job in non protected memory: This causes an instability of the size for the lenses cut after dressing. Layout origin The following table shows the messages that can display in the layout mode.

Press the Next key to validate the wheel setting. Start edging the lens by pressing the Result: Clamping pressure adjustment Yes 5 No Press the No key until the following screen comes up.

The machine interprets automatically the entered value as a total pupil distance, monocular pupil distance or a decentration.