CamBam – Tutorial: D Profile. This example is based on the efforts of my friend Terry (aka MrBean). Thanks Terry for the source files as well as CamBam beta. CamBam – Tutorial: Text Engraving. This tutorial describes inserting text into CamBam and genertating an engraving operation from it. The main place for CamBam video tutorials is here: CamBam CNC Software – Video Tutorials There are also a number of user created videos.

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Right click the machining node and select Create GCode cambzm. Bold Bold Font Style. Select the root of the file tree on the left where it says 12t-htd. The people that contribute and experiment are very diligent and congenial and share quite freely with their time and expertise.

I would suggest downloading the. The time now is This point is not currently used. Multiple lines of text can be entered by clicking the elipses [ The intention is to use it to define alignment options that ccambam spread the text between two points, or perhaps as an alernative to the Rotate option.

CamBam documentation – Tutorials

See you do not want me writing an operation manual. If this has worked, you should now be able to select the outside of the pulley by a single click. Its an open source program. Top, Center or Bottom relative to Location. This behaviour will be made more flexible in the next releases. This latter point is why I previously mentioned that the user forum is an integral part of the operator’s manual.


I will try OpenScam and see if I can’t muddle through. This is the text height in drawing units. I was not “scolding” and I did not in any way, shape or form, explicitly or implicitly, say anyone was “stupid”. Not exactly high art, but the tutoriap are quite small mm and plywood isn’t the best precision engraving material but at least CamBam and my machine are playing together nicely! Select all splines making up the outside of the pulley by dragging the selection rectangle around these parts.

I’m not convinced this is correct yet, but it is on the list of things to ‘look at’.

CamBam – Tutorial : Text Engraving

I ask because the voice in those video’s are very relaxing. LOL, I know that sounds weird but i’m just saying!

This option camba, the width used for each character. Tags for this Thread downnot. I am a visual type learner so manipulating examples is an effective learning mode for me. These drawings contain much uneeded information such as side, elevation and isometric views.


Is that you in the CamBam plus Introduction video? A long-term Cam Bam user has just finished and uploaded an indexed version of the new CamBam Help File that was released a few weeks ago.

Location P1 This is the first and at the moment, only alignment point. This profile is made up of a number of spline segments, so the next thing to do is convert them to polylines and join them together. You should now see the toolpaths around the geometry.

CamBam CNC Software – Video Tutorials

Again, right click the machine operation in the file tree and Generate Toolpath. LineSpace This scales the distance between each text line.

You may need to edit the GCode file to suit your machine first. Yes, I know I need 3D to machine a carved top for a guitar. Second, search the forums for 3D hints. The hutorial is 1. Set the target depth and other properties to match the first profileoperation.