Manual- Cateye Velo 8 – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. CatEye CC-VL/CC-VL [Velo 5/Velo 8] manuals and user guides for free. Read online or download in PDF without registration. VELO WIRELESS+ / . 8. Sensor signal icon. Flashes in sync with a sensor signal. Pace arrow.

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Replace it with a new one. If they become rusty, it will cause speed detection error.

How to Set Clock. If they become rusty, it will.

CatEye CC-VL/CC-VL [Velo 5/Velo 8] User Manual | 2 pages

Do not apply standard grease, as it may cause damage to the bracket. Microcomputer 4-bit 1-chip Crystal controlled oscillator Cateye velo 8 manual Liquid crystal display Sensor No-contact magnetic sensor Tire Sizes Tire sizes of 16, catehe, 20, 22, 24, 26, C, and cateye velo 8 manual inches, or tire peripheral.

If the screen becomes dim, it is the time to replace the battery. After replacing the battery, perform the all-clear operation. The clearance should be less than 5 mm. B The distance between the sensor 3 and the magnet 4 must be less than 5 mm.

Current speed does not appear. You can select a tire size in two ways: However, the Odometer total distance and Clock do not return to zero. Manyal not use paint thinner, benzine or alcohol since such chemicals may damage the surface.


Cateye velo 8 manual to Change Tire Size. The unit starts measuring automatically when you belo pedaling, and stops measuring when your come to a stop. Before using the computer, please thoroughly read cateye velo 8 manual manual and keep it for future reference. No measurement is done on the VELO5. Indicates the mode currently selected.

CatEye CC-VL510/CC-VL810 [Velo 5/Velo 8] User Manual

Czteye speed disappears when using in the rain. Clean the contact with a cloth. When rotating the front cateye velo 8 manual, the magnet’s 4 center must be aligned with the sensor’s 3 marking line. Always be sure to ride safety.

When a screen with the. They must be disposed in accordance with local regulations. Cateye velo 8 manual current speed appears, the main unit is working fine and the cause should be attributed to the bracket or the sensor. Working Temperature 0. The corresponding value is indicated on the lower line.

Never disassemble the main unit. Name of Parts Speed 0. Is there anything sticking on the contact of the main unit or the bracket? The distance between the sensor 3 and the magnet 4 must be less than 5 mm.

Are the magnet’s center and the sensor’s marking line aligned?

If the main cateye velo 8 manual does not receive a signal after about 10 minutes, the main unit enters Power Saving Mode and displays the clock count only. Re-adjust the positions of the magnet and the sensor. Do all clear operation. The upper display always shows the Current Speed.


Replacing Battery If the screen cateye velo 8 manual dim, it is the time to replace the battery. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Either select from among preset sizes. A When rotating the front wheel, the magnet’s 4 center must be aligned with the sensor’s 3 marking line.

Shift of Lower Display.

They must be disposed in accordance with local. Indicates if the current speed is faster or slower than the average speed. Is the cord broken?

Correct positions of the sensor and the magnet: If mph has been selected, it becomes hour clock.

Each time you press the MODE button, a different data value appears on the lower line. Even if the outside of the cord looks normal, there could be damage.

Replace the bracket and sensor set with a new manul. In the clock mode, press SET button on the back, and the display enters clock setting mode. The main unit may still have a charge. Put the battery in backwards to short the unit then install cateye velo 8 manual and do all clear operation.