You can also get as deep into the details of networking as you like; see in particular the CFNetwork Programming Guide. Apple provides a generous amount of. Here, we’ll review some basic CFNetwork and socket programming concepts to help guide to low-level programming, Beej’s Guide to Network Programming. Conference Companion on Object Oriented Programming Systems Languages andApplications (OOPSLA ’09) (pp. to CFNetwork programming guide.

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This allows you to not have to poll your socket stream, which would slow down the thread. Debugging Android Apps Chapter 5. In OS X v CFStream functions that read or write a stream will suspend, or blockthe current process until at least one byte of the data cfjetwork be read or written.

Program robots safely using S.

Introduction to CFNetwork Programming Guide

Following serialization, a request might look like this:. The client context also allows you the option of setting the retainreleaseand copyDescription parameters to NULL. The retain parameter is a pointer to a function to retain the info parameter. Additionally, the reader should be familiar OS X xfnetwork concepts including run loops.

I need some tutorials about CFNetwork in iphone – Stack Overflow

This chapter discusses how to create, open, and check for errors on read and write streams. Bill Phillips, Chris Stewart Length: Event programming guide bundle programing guide. To learn more about run loops in general, read Threading Programming Guide. Locations and Play Services Chapter Most of the programming conventions are common among the APIs, so it’s important to comprehend each of them.


While the stream exists, proogramming can get information about the stream by asking for its properties. A socket acts in a similar manner to a telephone jack. The client creates a request message. Your First Android Application Chapter 2. Listing is an example of reading from the read stream.

Zero Configuration Networking: The Definitive Guide by Stuart Cheshire, Daniel H Steinberg

Listing is an example of opening the read stream. Loopers, Handlers, and HandlerThread Chapter Your input helps improve our developer documentation. Using Fragment Arguments Chapter In the case of network transfers, your callback functions are executed by the run loop when the event you registered for occurs. Since all of the proxy information is up-to-date, apply the proxies. By setting properties on FTP streams, you can adapt your stream for its particular application.

Additionally, you can use CFNetDiagnostics to query for connectivity status and provide uniform error messages to the user.

CFNetwork Programming Guide

Streams are one-way paths, so to communicate bidirectionally an input read stream and output write stream are necessary. If you are implementing your streams synchronously your entire application will be forced to wait on the data transfer. After completing it, you will have the know-how and confidence you need to tackle iOS projects of your own. Documentation Archive Developer Search. Using Network Diagnostics describes how to add network diagnostics to your application.

Polling — For read streams, find out cfneteork there are bytes to proggamming before reading from the stream.

SQLite Databases Chapter When you no longer need the stream, close and dispose of it. Along the way the reader will learn how to: Your Second Activity Chapter 6. These abstractions make it easy to perform a variety of network tasks, such as:. Broadcast Intents Chapter A CFNetService object represents a single network service, such as a printer or a file server. Unit Testing and Audio Playback Chapter You protramming use read and write streams in much the same way as you do UNIX file descriptors.


For example, if the server that the stream is connecting to requires a user name and password, you need to set the appropriate properties so the stream can work properly. See Listing for an example. Using FTP read and write streams you can perform functions such as:.

How helpful is this document? How helpful is this document? If your stream was a read programminy called readStreamyour function call would be like that in Listing To poll a stream, you first check to see if the streams are ready for reading or writing, then perform a read or write operation on the stream.

Taking Pictures with Intents Chapter Please try submitting your feedback later. For write streams, find out whether the stream can be written to without blocking before writing to the stream. Thus, the structure of the software layers looks like the image in Figure Styles and Themes Chapter The chapter Working with Streams describes how to use read and write streams.