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We have 5 Dell POWEREDGE SC manuals available for free PDF download: Hardware Owner’s Manual, Getting Started, Information Update, Specification. Dell™ poweredge™ sc systems information update, Processor specifications • Read online or download PDF • Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual. Get Dell POWEREDGE SC Computer Hardware User Manual. Get all Dell manuals!.

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Tell us what’s missing. When to Use the System Diagnostics If a major component or device in the system does not operate properly, component failure may be indicated.

List of Dell PowerEdge Servers

Voltage Selection Switch If your power source is: Take theappropriate action to resolve theproblem. KBps — Kilobyte s per second.

If the problem is not resolved, see “Getting Help” on page The password features provide a basic level of security for the data on your system. Mbps — Megabits per second.

A change to the Admin Password option becomes effective immediately restarting the system is not required.

Dell POWEREDGE SC user manual – – Solve your problem

Alert Messages Systems management software generates alert messages for your system. On enables the controller.


PXE or RPL is required only if you are booting to an operating systemon another system, not if you are booting to an operating system on a harddrive in this system. Table lists the IRQ assignments. See “Using the SystemSetup Program” on page Xeon or Removing the Cooling Fans.

Don’t have an account? However, whenreferring to hard-drive capacity, the term is often roundedto mean 1, bytes. Xeon, GIII: Troubleshooting An Optical Drive Damage due to servicing that is not authorized by Dell is not covered by your warranty.

Table provides component descriptions.

Dell POWEREDGE SC440 Hardware Owner’s Manual

Inside the System In Figurethe system cover is opened to provide an interior view of the system. Page 48 Figure Page 17 Damage due to servicing that is not authorized by Dell is not covered by your warranty. Customer Service Austin, Texas, U. Replacing The Front Del Bezel 3 Slide the lever on the sliding plate in the direction of the arrow until it releases the front drive bezel from its side hinges.

Inside The System Inside the System In Figurethe system cover is edll to provide an interior view of the system.

Dell PowerEdge SC User Manual | 7 pages

Front-panel Features And Indicators Removing the Power Supply power supply release tab cable clamp Installing the Power Supply 1 Attach the cable clamp to the new power supply.


In form-factor there are two models: If the tests run successfully but the problem persists, see “Getting Help” on page Installing System Components This section describes how to install the following system components: Page 31 Table Power Supply Indicators Chassis Intrusion Switch Installing A Diskette Drive Other Information You May Need Close some programs and try again.

See “Replacing the Processor” on page Tell us about it. Diagnostics Messages When you run system diagnostics, an error message may result. Memory Module Installation Guidelines Cs440 and Closing the System11release tabFront Drive BezelThe front drive bezel is the cover for the optional diskette and 5.

Previous Shutdown The processor or hard drive Ensure that nothing is blocking the Due to Thermal Event overheated the last time the system airflow vents and that all fans are was used. By default, this feature is On.

Record the information for future reference.