DIN 71752 PDF

mbo products are available from MARYLAND METRICS. Clevises DIN / DIN ISO and according to CETOP RPP mbo standard 05_ DIN Stainless Steel-Fork heads without bolt . DIN Aluminium – Fork head, without bolt. Fork heads, Steel. DIN Fork heads, without bolt. DIN Clevis Fork Joints Metric Size, Steel, Plain Fork Type .. DIN Clevis Fork Joint, Metric Size, Stainless Steel, Plain Fork Type. Aluminum Clevis .

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DIN 71752 Stainless steel Fork head

Bolts with groove, without head, for retaining rings DIN suitable for clevises. Clevises ein linking elements for the transmission of static forces. This type of joint consists simply of a clevis and a corresponding folding spring bolt. JW Winco has its own in-house machining facility; this provides an advantage for our customers to take an idea and create a unique customized solution through the choice of using one of our standard parts.

It will be displayed on the first page, in the top right hand corner. Screw with dimensions of 4×10 mm: The list below describes the individual parts corresponding to the conventional design in accordance with DIN form A: AFKB This type of joint consists simply of a clevis and a corresponding folding spring bolt.


Catalogue page as PDF.

You’re looking for Ganter products in your country? Bolts with groove for retainers suitable for clevises. By using our web site, you agree to our use of cookies.

Don make it possible to meet special requirements or to greatly extend the service life of the joint in certain environments. GN Stainless Steel-Fork joints. Bore d 1 4. Price with price key representation PSL: If you do need weight details, please contact our Sales Department! Available in 8 versions. Cross-hole The standard provides for a cross-hole in the part. JW Winco Press Releases.

Fork heads DIN – Joints | Elesa+Ganter

They are almost exclusively used as clevis joints. Additional threads The provision of an additional thread on the shaft permits twist-proof assembly. For trade customers only. Corporate customer without VAT. To log in with your mobile phone number please enter your mobile phone number, verified during the registration process.

If this article is new in our product range, it may happen that details concerning weight are as yet not listed. This is where you’ll find our international sales partner.

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Fork head without split pin

One of the great advantages of this variant is that it is very simple to assemble and disassemble. Please fill out all fields! This makes it possible to mount clevises without rotation. The female thread and the slot with holes drilled on both sides ensure simple, versatile combination with other parts. Follow us on Social Media. Login with mobile phone number.

Clevis Clevises are linking elements for the transmission of static forces. However, it should be remembered that assembly is more demanding due to the number and properties of the individual parts. Keep informed about our products, new product launches, and more through the JW Winco e-Newsletter.