Published with the British Council. The Core Inventory for General English. Last updated on July 5th, Published with the British Council. Buy British Council – EAQUALS Core Inventory for General English by North, Ortega (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices . CEFR Core Inventory Aims Development Sources Documentation of best practice Use Outcomes Products.

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In an elementary class I had, a learner very pleasantly surprised me by coming out with this to a reticent class-mate. There should be a coursebook series called Lip Service.

The Core Inventory for General English

I thoroughly agree with cokncil final point there, Scott: Anyone who is willing to contribute data to the EP corpus can access the full version of the English Vocabulary Profile for free as well as the EP corpus itself.

Here, at long last, was the illusion of structure to the phenomemnon of chaos.

Join 21, other followers. Despite providing a rather more scientific breakdown of the human body into Regardless of what they say, it IS a guide, it IS a prescription and will be used britksh such. Thanks for that insight into how the data were collected, Adam. If in doubt, ask a policeman. It has also a slightly solipistic and circular feel to it eaquqls as if this is what we teach because this is what we teach.

Much more accurate information about spoken language. Articulate the processes needed to design. Chinchilla is more expensive than mink. The CEFR struck me as a pretty cool document.

Here are three I like: Of its pages, only about 80 are devoted to lists of competences; the rest offers a lot of valuable insights into learning and teaching processes.

Almost visionary, I would say. Bonus points are awarded for the longest meaningful exchanges such as:. Instead, it simply identifies key communicative competences. As I recall, the question relating to grammar asked the participants when they felt it was most appropriate for each structure to be introduced.


From corpus to classroom: Regrettably, our institution, like every other, does not cater for such students. I tend to agree.

The Core Inventory for General English – Eaquals

And as for Core Inventory, I find the term just spooky. As a teacher trainer I take a balanced view, I can see how this would be a very useful resource for both novice and more experienced teacher.

Bonus points are awarded for the longest meaningful exchanges such as: Small bananas are often better than big ones. I find it quite worrying that, after deifying the CEFR and taking its principles and assumptions for granted, we continue to break down the language into discrete manageable chunks and we continue to not just prescribe but regulate the content of language teaching by simply making official brtish lists which publishers have been compiling for years based on the collective lack of wisdom of the profession.

Are they accredited, and if so, by whom? A further eaqusls is for higher level students to choose a random item from the list every morning and try and surreptitiously include it in as many of the conversations they have during the day as possible.

Basically, they might as well have suggested we open the Councill series at the contents pages and see how they suggest it be done.

And wondered just what use it was. The coursebooks have stuck CEFR labels on the back and inserted can-do statements at the top or bottom of the pages, but this is really tokenism. Scot, give me something to hang upon, I am new, and if you dismiss the core inventory, then tell me where mys I look for help.

For those few minutes, my A2 class ostensibly became B2. There are many situations, especially beyond the inner circle, where such esquals offer a beacon of hope rather than a turning off of the light.

My presentations Profile Bditish Log out. Overestimating what ss are capable of A1 — definite and indefinite articles!!!!! I will be quietly ignoring from here on in.


British Council-EAQUALS CEFR Core Inventory (English)

Eaqualls the course of the year students will naturally acquire all the English they need to master. Who is to blame for this? I guess the problem is — as has been pointed out again and again in this discussion — the purposes for which such data might be used, particularly in designing and assessing courses, where the original impetus brigish drove the CEFR — i.

In fact, all this seems to be is something one might have put together in a weekend by getting a pile of coursebooks and jotting down in a grid the common syllabuses and text types seen — any experienced teacher knows all this however, could be useful for a novice to get the lay of coursebookland.

I would tend to agree with Jason, above, in that the document might be a good starting point -but just that, bearing in mind that the path of language is an open and mostly unpredictable one and therefore, if you handcuff the spectrum of language possibilities with too prescribed and fixed structures and a set of closed words, well, you may be missing the fun of it!

What is so great about current practice that suggests it britih be codified in this way? Have we been wasting our time? Yes, it looks as though we will have lists of grammar items thanks to Core Inventory and vocabulary items thanks to English Profile which neatly tie into CEFR levels, and it can all be packaged into wonderful USPs for Cambridge exams and Cambridge publications.