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He shows how these enzymes are to all intents and purposes wonderfully ingenious machines, which give every appearance of having been designed to serve highly specific purposes; but, just when you think he’s contradicted himself, he goes on to demonstrate that their structure reveals they can only be the product of blind chance.

We are the initiators of action in the environment that the environment in turn acts upon and both result in our transformation as a species and as individuals. This radical book by Nobel laureate Monod is an important intellectual event. Nothing we’ve learned since Monod published this book does anything but bolster his position.

Is it surprising that, like the person who has just made a million at the casino, we should feel strange and a little unreal? After the long segue into molecular biology, Monod concludes by looping back to his starting point. He contends that the persistence of those concepts is responsible for the intensifying schizophrenia of a world that accepts, and lives by, the fruits of science while refusing to face its moral implications.

In other words, he makes an strong argument against what is today called ‘intelligent design. The definition of life he puts forth in this book — those systems possessing teleonomy, autonomous mor Jacques Monod won the Nobel Prize in for his work elucidating the molecular mechanisms of DNA replication.

Monod’s interest in the lac operon originated from his doctoral dissertation, for which he studied the jacquss of bacteria in culture media containing two sugars.


At the core of the book is a resolution of the contradiction between the seemingly goal-oriented nature of evolution and necesirad goal-oriented nature of organisms and the essential randomness and chance underlying evolution’s mechanics.

Jul 23, Luke rated it liked it Shelves: Hunting required cooperation and group cohesion and these required language and cognition structures that supported sophisticated communication-based interaction. Hunting gave our ancestral line a survival advantage that began our cognitive trajectory. If you already know molecular biology, you need not to read it. He looks at the philosophical basis of Marxism, which, he persuasively argues, is really just another example of what he refers to as “animism”: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Monod thinks that Christianity, Marxism and all other “animist” philosophies are equally off-target.

Everybody should read this. It is true that at the time this book was published ,onod was considered ‘shocking’ because of its claim to have shown exactly how life evolved from purely chance procedures.

It seems his background is more interesting than this book. Books by Jacques Monod. In contrast, Monod describes the permanent, neceskdad nature of the organism, at its life core. No trivia or quizzes yet. Monod offre uno sguardo nuovo e fresco su alcune questioni basilari della biologia, riuscendo insegnare qualcosa anche agli esperti del settore e svelando, quindi, una profonda conoscenza e passione per la materia.

This book is so important. Vitalisms such as Bergson’s creative evolution and animisms such as Marxism project teleology onto nature, reading into it a guiding principle governed by ends like humans are governed by ends.

Chance and Necessity

Chance and Necessity 4. He bases his argument on the evidence of m This radical book by Nobel laureate Monod is an important intellectual event.

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Chance and Necessity by Jacques Monod

Monod argues for a postulate of objectivity. The universe was not pregnant with life nor the biosphere with man. It was an assigned reading from a class at St. Chapter 2, “Vitalisms and Animisms”, is worth the price alone.

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Vecchiotto e si sente. As far as I can make out from a little background reading, the origin of this book came in His book Chance and Necessity is an investigation of life as a contingent process governed largely by chance, at all levels, from the molecular to the evolutionary to the very fact of life itself, and what this fact means for us practically, morally and spiritually, as modern humans.

Monod, appalled at Lysenko’s mendacious pseudo-scientific nonsense, tore it to pieces As far as I can make out from a little background reading, the origin of this book came in It is now known that repressor bound to the operator physically blocks RNA polymerase neceesidad binding to the promoter, the site where transcription of the adjacent genes begins.

For a Christian, that purpose comes from God, and for a Marxist it comes from the dialectical interpretation of history. He argues that objective scientific knowledge, the only reliable knowledge, denies the concepts of destiny or evolutionary purpose that underlie traditional philosophies.

Jacques Monod, a highly distinguished molecular biologist who would later win the Nobel Prize, was asked by his friend Albert Camus to write a critique jacqus Lysenkoism; at the time this was officially declared by Stalin as holy writ to which all right-thinking Marxists had to subscribe monid pain of excommunication.

We could act out the strategy for a hunt in our minds, which made us very effective hunters. As Lucretius said a couple of thousand years earlier, there is just atoms and void. For, how would a truly objective view–Nagel’s ‘view from nowhere’–be possible if all knowledge is necessarily human knowledge?