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The ATF revised the Form most recently in October and the new was required to be used starting on January 16, Q: What should a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) do when it finds it has lost a completed Form and a thorough search of the premises fails to locate it?. A deep dive into the top three most common ATF Form mistakes and how to avoid them. Eliminate FFL ATF errors – Get free online.

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Information from paragraph 2 incorporated into Questions Instruction for Question 18a Formerly Question Question 33 Formerly Questions 31 – The ATF is allowed to inspect, as well as request a copy of, the Form from the dealer during the course of a criminal investigation.

Question 32 Added to Form: Information from Paragraph 1 incorporated into Question In this case, you would be required to obtain a Federal Firearms License.

Instruction for Question 19 Formerly Question s 21, 473, Juveniles generally may only receive and possess handguns with the written permission of a parent or guardian for limited purposes e. Added a new paragraph between the 1 st and 2 nd paragraphs. Question 29 Formerly Question A listing may be found online.


ATF Form 4473 – Firearms Transaction Record Revisions

However, possession of handguns by juveniles less than 18 years of age is generally unlawful. These requirements are set forth in section c27 CFR Purpose of the Form – Paragraph 2 Added to Form: Removed line 5 and added line numbers. Also clarifies that the State of residence for members of the Armed Forces on active duty is the State in which his or her permanent duty station is located.

Instruction for Questions Section B Question If you have lost a Formwe recommend the following actions: The dealer also records all information from the Form into a required “bound-book” called an “Acquisition and Disposition Log. Clarifies that the form is to be completed at the licensed premises unless the transaction qualifies under 18 U. These forms are given the same status as a tax return under the Privacy Act of and cannot be disclosed by the government to private parties or other government officials except in accordance with the Privacy Act.

Instruction for Question 9: The significant changes to Form include: No gun for you if you fire up in a pot-legal state”. In the scenario you described, the corporation holds the Federal Firearms License.

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Form – Wikipedia

Dealers are required to maintain ffll forms for 20 years in the case of completed sales, and for 5 years where the sale was disapproved as a result of the NICS check.

Changed to a check box and added an instruction to record the line number s involved in the pawn redemption.

This form is effective January 16,you may no longer use the previous edition April of the Form as it will be obsolete. Formerly instructions for Question 1.

Language revised and additional information added. This page was last edited on 13 Mayat You, as an individual, do not. Information gfl into Question 2.

Instruction for Ff 2: Contact Information If you have additional questions regarding the revised Formplease contact your local ATF office. Information incorporated into Questions