—AK The Horus Heresy: Book One – Betrayal Type Campaign Book Series Horus Heresy (Forge World Series) Author Alan Bligh Publisher Forge World Binding. The Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal The Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal is the first book in the Horus Heresy series by Forge World. The Forge World Store is truly unique, with it being the only one of its kind anywhere in the World, it has cabinets full of beautiful models so you.

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This is a great reference book for anyone interested in the Warhammer 40K world and the seminal events that led to the Horus Heresy. This book also contains a complete Space Marine Legion Crusade Army list as well as games rules for the Primarchs of the four Legions, super-heavy vehicles and special characters featured in the story.

Apr 25, Dylan Murphy rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you are interested in playing the game, obviously this book will help you, but even if you have no desire to play this is a valuable resource on the Horus Heresy. James rated it liked it Oct 29, Retrieved from ” http: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Newer Post Older Post Home. Makes sense, since Guilliman hadn’t written that shit yet. JEEEZ GUYS However, I do still have a bit of interest left over for 40K rules and there were some really great ones which further added to the character of these four Legions and showed how you can easily translate their dogma and fighting style into actual working rules: A shelled-out wasteland full of toxic waste is like a day at the beach for these guys, after all.

Book Two – Massacre. Buy this bundle now and you could win one of betryaal Fire Raptor Gunships! Alan Bligh writes with skill and enthusiasm about the ‘first four’ Traitor Legions and while you already know the gist of it, there’s lots of fresh forgeqorld, background and characteristics here for these four very distinct Legions in fact, to use a pet hate of mine, there’s more material here on the Death Guard than there ebtrayal been in the whole of the series so far.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The layout is absolutely beautiful, the pages are the same cracked-parchment colour as the ‘Visions Of Heresy’ book, and also have the same deep red border full of High Gothic I think? It’s a full-colour, leather-bound page monstrosity with hefty corner guards and a big fabric bookmark.

Preview — Betrayal by Alan Bligh.

Oh man what a book! Included are thirty-eight plastic models; a Praetor in Cataphractii Terminator Armour; a Legion Chaplain; a Contemptor Dreadnought, armed with a Close Combat Fist with inbuilt combi-bolter and a choice of multi-melta or Kheres assault cannon; a squad of five Cataphractii Terminators including a Sergeant, with weapon options including combi-bolters, power fists, lightning claws, chain fists, power swords, a heavy flamer and a grenade harness; and Thirty Legion Tactical Space Marines in MK4 armour, with a huge selection of weapons and custom features, including bolters, missile launchers, heavy bolters, chainswords, power swords, power fists, plasma pistols, lightning claws, plasma guns, melta guns, flamers, combi-weapons, combat blades, ammo packs, holstered bolt pistols and a selection of grenades.

Forge World The Horus Heresy Vol 1 Betrayal Book Warhammer 40k 30k

Lists with This Book. In fact I feel they could have made them a lot stronger, and have them as full-colour like all the other pictures in this book.

Some of the writing is a bit sloppy and it’s never exiting per se, but there’s top notch lore in here if you take the time to look. I don’t dispute the photos need to be there Forge World gots to get that PAPER, plus they are amazing minis but I feel they didn’t need to be so processed to look like ageing, yellowed photographs of a smoky warzone. It is a good companion to the Horus novel series and explains many of the different units, structures and organizations of the Imperium of Man.

This section contains rules for zone mortalis battlegrounds; fighting in betraayl spaces such vetrayal starships and urban environments.

Forge World The Horus Heresy Vol 1 Betrayal Book Warhammer 40k 30k | eBay

Massacre’ and, since the forthcoming ‘Extinction’ features the Alpha Forgeworle and Raven Guard, it’s likely I’ll buy that as well. A must have for any Horus Heresy fan. Want to Read saving…. This exceptional bundle is the perfect start to your Legion. Dec 26, Fabian Scherschel rated it liked it Shelves: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Everything from the initial units Luna Wolves, Word Bearers, etc that served under Horus to the equipment used. The sons of Sanguinius stayed loyal to the Emperor throughout the dark days of the Horus Heresy, though they could not know that the final battle would herald their darkest hour. Age of Darkness Rulebook. Jan 28, Darrel Altmann rated it it was amazing.


Apr 14, Sud rated it it was amazing Shelves: The first half of the book is dedicated to background and the second half is for rules.

The art and pictures of models were master pieces, the lore and background material was phenomenally written and supremely interesting. Tagaruk rated it really liked it Jan 06, Clifton Taylor rated it it was amazing Apr 05, I’d finished ‘Scars’ ages ago, and it was over a month before ‘Vengeful Spirit’ would come out, so This section contains rules for Betrayap Marine Legion army lists set the late Crusade and early Heresy.

The Horus Heresy 1. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Log in and join the community. This reminded me that many people are fans of Warhammer 40, as a game rather than fans of the Horus Heresy novels.

Betrayal at Calth game, including four double-sided boards, beautifully printed on thick card stock; a forty-eight page book, featuring an introduction to the battle on Calth and comprehensive rules and scenarios for playing the game; forty-two command and reference cards, used to introduce effects and events into the game; twelve dice rorgeworld an array of markers used in-game.

Posted by IndieFaceKillah at betrzyal Jon rated it really liked it Jan 17, If you are interested in playing the game, obviously this book will forgeworldd you, but even if you have no desire to play this is a valuable resource on This is the Sourcebook for the Horus Heresy in Warhammer 40K. Really can’t wait to read the rest of the books from Forge World, and if you are on the fence about getting these expensive books, DO IT!

I don’t really fit with many of these criteria. If I wasn’t already sold on the Heresy tabletop game, I would be now!