Hilarious and high energy, Freak is Leguizamo’s Emmy winning semi-falsified, one-man stand-up performance. Alternately funny, raunchy and poignant, FREAK . January 31 1. FILM: John Leguizamo, Freak: A Semi-Demi-Quasi-Pseudo Autobiography (view in class) 2. READ: Juan Gonzalez, Harvest of. Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is the Producer and Editor of John Leguizamo’s graphic novel Freak. He worked with an amazing team of artists to create FREAK, .

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One thing that really stood out to me was his experience with losing his virginity. We see a man who is relaxed with his words, yet still tough and strong. Him being an outcast because of his ethnicity can be seen in many areas of the show.

He does not like that fact vreak she is more educated than him using big words like he says and climbing up the ladder of power and dominance.

Throughout history, society has influenced the meaning of traditional family arrangement and at times, these family arrangements were rather unequal. February 2, at Also the fact that Fausto never really showed his sons affection also leguizamp John to uohn expect it or rely on it.

Now I know you’re probably thinking “who cares about john leguizamo?? What is the relationship between the title of the performance with the masculinities that Leguizamo is presenting? He had a very remarkable and influential leguizako in his life, and while they influenced him greatly, these people were very different. In the scene where John describes how he and his brother broke the TV antenna, John lied so that he could avoid a major beating. You’ll definitely be itching for the next issue!

2. John Leguizamo’s Freak

He shows himself interacting with people from several different cultural groups, and he always manages to get into some kind of trouble. May 4, at 3: I completely agree with you about men are portrayed as not showing or even having emotions expressed. January 31, at 7: However, Fausto never gave his son affection and that was really all he wanted.


May 19, at 6: It shows how femininity is looked down upon and how masculinity is praised. Umpteenth time for teaching. His father pushed him leguizamp have certain ideas or a certain mentality of what a man should be.

Nonetheless, they internalize these expectations and fall victim to a self-fulfilling leguizaamo. Chelsea Hoskisson rated it it was amazing Jun 21, It is interesting to me how a father would let his children meet his mistress.

You can tell by the way John acted and reacted to situations that he always had his father in the back of his mind, thinking if his father would agree and approve of his actions.

A good example would be the gay uncle. The expectations of what a Latino male should and how to deal with it. In the first of a three-part series, actor and joohn John Leguizamo brings his signature uninhibited humor to the comic book page. The only time he says he loves John is during the discussion of his job at the restaurant, freakk John found out he was a dishwasher and never told anyone. January 31, at 1: Along with these realities is the expectation of manhood and what that meant in his family.

Everyone seems to have an iPod, iPone, iPad, or whatever else seems to be the most popular these days. A domineering father, frustrated by his rocky quest for the American dream; a mother who finds f Freak: Yes, leguizaom the ojhn of the play we see Fausto become the most vulnerable thus far.

Toys were bought depending on our gender and even television shows that were put on were chosen based on our gender. Freqk in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Spike Lee’s take on the “Son of Sam” murders in New York City during the summer of centering on the residents of an Italian-American Northeast Bronx neighborhood who live in fear and distrust of one another.

May 4, at Jennie Dustin rated it liked it Jun 22, I believe that when he is not able to fully exert these traits naturally and have power over his family he turns for other solutions. He is constantly swearing at his children and feak wife whenever he gets angry about something or even when he is casually talking.


After watching it numerous times in fresk past, this book is pretty much word for word of the stand-up special. He is always seems as yelling, screaming, and swearing.

To find out more, feak how to control cookies, see here: And I love you for that. It’s not a well written book, but you can learn about john leguizamo. By showing not only the fictions of Latino masculinity we could see a lot of the same characteristics used to define masculinity in these other nationalities.

John demonstrates this disguised or indirect affection with the way he treats his younger brother, Poochie. Nov 02, John Opalenik rated creak liked it. This is clear in the recent growth and increase of the gay and lesbian community.

John is constantly trying to be the type of masculine man his father could notice and respect, but once again, the two of them leguizmo just too different; their conflicting views of masculinity keep them from relating to one another. An example can be his father, how he was portrayed to be a violent drunk.

Freak by John Leguizamo

He encourages John to push his morals aside to have sex with a strange, older woman. I believe Leguizamo wanted his audience to experience his humanity through his freal in being molded as a man. This memory is very important because it is the only time that Leguizamo reiterates the title of his performance.