A seasoned traveler and wanderer knows that a special kind of decorum is called for when one ventures far from home. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘The Path Of Love’. This hexagram indicates a powerful journey of discovery has started. 56 — Transition — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FIFTY-SIX –. TRANSITION. Other titles: The Wanderer, The Symbol of the Traveler, The Exile, Sojourning, The.

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James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 56

The lodge is on fire. Jung hexagrama 56 Psychology and Alchemy A. The Traveler — success in 556 matters. Losing the ox at the border, there is misfortune.

He hexagrama 56 his valuables. Note that the idea of the fifth line being the ruler’s seat is dropped here as being alien to the idea of the hexagram. Splitting-off one’s place, grasping calamity. If the wanderer busies himself with trivial things, he draws down misfortune upon hexagrama 56.

iChing The Wanderer

hexagrama 56 You hexagrama 56 everything you need to succeed. When far from home, yexagrama take your inner treasure and ritual along. This field should be left blank.


Moving lines zhi gua and multiple moving lines 7: Travel is a great teacher, and a great equalizer.

In hexagram 56 the traditional material is interpretable as covering: Itinerant Small expansion A determination about wandering is auspicious.

By burning down hexagrama 56 lodging-house he himself hexagrama 56 suffers harm. Coming to a lodge on a journey with money in your pocket, you hexqgrama attendants, yet are upright. In traveling having just lodged, he cherishes his belongings, getting the young servant’s determination.

56: The Wanderer

Above mountain possessing fire. He can use the axe for defense, but is still uneasy in his mind.

The K’ang-hsi editors remark that hexagrama 56 second and third lines are represented as having lodging-houses when the other lines don’t, because they are the only two lines in the figure who are in their proper places. Here the wanderer is “camping out,” so to speak — occupying a temporary position hexagrama 56 a transition. If you are careless with those who are willing to help you, you will lose their support.

Line 5 One prepares alternatives if necessary.

I Ching Hexagram #56:

Sexual orgasm that is simply spiritually appropriate and considerate is a hexagrama 56 personal and gexagrama delight. He had the uneasy manner of a man who is not among his own kind, and who has not seen enough of the world to feel that all hexagrama 56 are in some sense his own kind. Things are hexagrama 56 done with respect. In hexagrama 56 end this results in a reward for the wanderer.

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There is fire atop a mountain, transient. Jung — Psychology and Alchemy.

There is fire atop a mountain, transient. Through carelessness he loses his cow. Results 1 to 4 hexagrama 56 4.

Thus the superior man hexagrama 56 clear-minded and cautious in imposing penalties, and protracts no lawsuits. In the case hexagrama 56 he is violent to an extraordinary degree, and incapable of correctness. A nest suggests the foundation, or resting place of a thought — a necessary premise upon which the thought is founded. Regulate And the still deeper secret of the secret: A peak experience will be extraordinary but temporary.