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Simply download the ebooks and print them out. This ensures that your HHO Generator will not activate unless your vehicle is turned on. A unit of this type is capable of producing enough hydroxy gas to power a cc scooter up to 60 mph if a hhosuperpavk volt car battery is carried and charged between each trip.

HHOSuperPack – Multiple Hydrogen Generator Plans

The Alternative Energy market is recession proof. A fuel pre-heater is a simple device, usually assembled of a heat conducting metal such as brass. Fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel are complex and do not burn completely when ignited. Hydrogen Generators are Cheap and easy to build. HHO injection also works great with turbo and supercharged engines. We really hope you hhpsuperpack this alternative fuel resource!

By following the directions in this eBook, you will be able to make a cheap, clean burning, non-toxic, renewable, high-quality diesel motor fuel you can use in your vehicle without any engine modification. Usually, you’re going to see higher MPG gains from vehicles that are smaller and running good in the first place.

Besides improving gas mileage, HHO also helps to eliminate exhaust gas particles that diesel trucks are famous for. Water is FREE and can be obtained anywhere.

Every time a fuel saving device is invented, they either buy out the patents and remove it from production, or they just make it “disappear”, along with the inventor. Besides, NO modifications are done to the vehicle’s engine. HHO burns quickly and powerfully, breaking down existing carbon deposits left by unburnt fuel while protecting your engine from future carbon build-up.


Should your engine backfire, the flashback arrestor will extinguish the flame before it can travel into your HHO system.

HHO Technology is totally safe, for a number of reasons. For big diesel trucks like the one below, hhosuperpqck recommend building one of our HHO Dry Cell designs that we have provided hhoeuperpack you. By reducing friction and vibration, you can increase the lifespan of your engine, which leads to lower maintenance costs and overall better performance.

Due to the low mileage i was unable to keep at my car.

HHO Super Pack Product Review

Solder is not used to make the electrical contact itself. Gas prices are increasing rapidly, causing a HUGE demand for fuel saving technology. If gas prices get too high again, you’ll be making a fortune! We hhosupefpack that some people are not “Mechanically Inclined” or they simply do not have the time or tools necessary to build their own HHO kit.

The designer is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable series-cell designer at present time. Now is the time to take a stand and do what auto makers have been refusing to do for decades. The steel housing helps to radiate heat to the environment, keeping the water temperature below 60 deg.

As you can see, the overall unit size is very compact. Also, federal law states that dealerships cannot void a vehicle’s warranty just because your using aftermarket parts.

With HHO Technology we can begin to reverse this trend by eliminating harmful exhaust emissions. Simply click on the Order Button below and follow the easy instructions. Since every hhospuerpack is different, it’s hard to guarantee exactly how much gas mileage you can get.

HHO Technology can help Lower Pollution by reducing harmful emissions, while also releasing oxygen and water vapor into the atmosphere. Since HHO causes gasoline to burn faster, less heat is transferred to the engine, resulting in lower engine temperature and reduced wear.

Why nhosuperpack money on a new hybrid car when you can just make your own for a fraction of the cost. We are always testing new designs to provide for our customers.

The device by-passes any complication by simply connecting the negative wire to your battery and the positive wire to your ignition switch or fuel pump. It works by utilizing a year old proven technology called electrolysis. HHO Technology is completely safe, if it wasn’t we would not be in business right now.

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It uses otherwise wasted exhaust heat to preheat the fuel before it reaches the fuel injection manifold or carburetor. HHO Generators are just hhosuerpack simple to install. If you are in the US or Canada you will need to obtain the necessary government permits and make sure you adhere to all of the laws in place. So far, no one has been able to rebuild it. The electrolyser contains eight pairs of electrodes made of L stainless steel shimstock, which are coiled around in a “swiss roll” style and hhosuprpack into a 10 x 2 inch PVC pipe.

HHO Super Pack offers lot of information and so i felt a bit too much in the beginning.

HHO Super Pack Product Review | All Reviewz

This device does NOT alter the computer, it tricks the computer with a false signal. Some people say it’s because they just hhosuperpack heard about HHO Technology yet. These plans contain some of his water engine blueprints and the designs for his superior HHO system.

By using HHO gas you clean out your engine every time you drive. If your thinking about starting a business with HHO Technology, whether your building and installing these kits locally or just selling pre-made kits online, hhosuperpwck design is probably the most cost-efficient to build.

The electrical connections are just as simple. This technology has already been tested and proven to work by thousands and thousands of people. Even better, you can have a mechanic do all the work. A properly constructed Hydrogen Generator system will last the lifespan of your engine. In fact it is safer than most electric hybrid’s using lithium ion batteries which can spontaneously explode! We’ve had it with greedy oil companies and auto makers stealing technology that our society AND environment has the right to enjoy!