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The signing of a no-war pact for ten years provided full peace to the Muslims, and spreading to every nook and corner of Arabia they preached Islam with such spirit and speed that within two years after Hudaibiyah the number of the people who embraced Islam far exceeded those who bad embraced it during the past 19 year or so.

But the Holy Prophet gave him also the same reply that he had given to the chief of the Khuza’ah, that they had not come to fight but to do honor to the House of Allah and carry out a religious duty. You did not feel uneasy in spite of your claim to the Faith but were pleased to think that you did not put yourselves in the danger by accompanying the Messenger.

They did not get provoked at their stubborn and insolent behavior and did not do anything which might have violated the spirit of Truth and righteousness, or which might have further complicated the situation instead of settling it amicably.

Nobody had a right fatahja interfere with a caravan which might be coming for hajj or umrah in the pilgrims garb in this month; so much so that even an enemy tribe could not hinder it from passing through its territory according to the recognized law of the land.

What Allah means to say is this: Later it was known that the news about Hadrat Uthman was false.

English – Transliteration

Those God-fearing women who encouraged their husbands, sons, brothers and fathers to proceed on fwtahna dangerous journey instead of stopping them from it and discouraging them by crying and wailing, who looked after their houses, their properties, their honor and children in their absence faithfully, who did not even feel the alarm lest at the sudden departure of 1, of the Companions the disbelievers and hypocrites of the surrounding areas would inba the city, should certainly have become equal partners with their men in the reward of Jihad although they stayed behind in their homes.

She said, “You may quietly go and slaughter your own camel and call the barber and have your head shaved. The Muslims did believe in this Divine Revelation as true on the basis of their Faith, but no one could understand what aspect of the victory it had. The other aspect of the expedience was that Allah did not will that Makkah should fall to the Muslims as a result of the defeat of the Quraish after a bloody clash but He willed that they should be encircled from all sides so that within two years or so they should become absolutely helpless and subdued without offering any resistance, and then the whole tribe should accept Islam and enter Allah’s mercy as it actually happened on the Conquest of Makkah.


Surah Al Fath The Victory.

Allah’s hand was over their hands. Now they could show no more forbearance. Now the Quraish themselves by concluding this agreement with the Holy Prophet recognized his sovereignty over the territories of the Islamic State and opened the way for the Arab tribes to enter jnna of alliance with either of the political powers they liked.

Likewise, if it is known that in their warship ow own prisoners also are on board, it should not be sunk.

Hut when it fagahna sown, it groweth up, and becometh greater than all herbs, and shouted out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it. In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Traditions concur that it was sent down in Dhil-Qadah, A.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

Apparently, there was no possible way of acting on this inspiration. No one was far sighted enough to foresee the great benefit that was to result from this treaty. A careful study of the context shows that Allah here is giving fatahn instruction to His Messenger: The purpose of the Holy Prophet’s appointment as a Prophet was not merely to preach this Religion but to make it prevail over all others.

Imam Malik says that in such a fwtahna fire should not be opened, and for this he cites this very verse as an argument. This is that great blessing about which Allah says in verse 3 of Surah Al-Ma’idah: But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the ibna, because the harvest is come.

He implored the Holy Prophet that he help secure his release from imprisonment. Al-Jassas, Ahkam alQur an. The Quraish wanted somehow to provoke the Holy Prophet’s Companions into fighting so that they may tell the Arabs that those people had actually come to fight and fatahha put on the pilgrims garments for umrah only to deceive others.

Inna Fatahna Laka Fathan Mubina Rectangular Set Small

However, what had troubled the Muslims most in this treaty, was the condition about the fugitives from Makkah and Madinah, that the former would be returned and the latter would not be returned. Allah restrained your hands from them and their hands from you. Those who say that at that time when Allah honored them with this certificate of His good pleasure, they were sincere, but afterwards they became disloyal to Allah and His Messenger, perhaps harbor a mistrust about Allah that while sending down this verse He was unaware of their future; therefore, He awarded them this warrant only in view of their state at that time, and unna due to the same unawareness inscribed this verse in His Holy Book as well so that afterwards also, when those people have turned disloyal, the world should continue reading this ihna about them and praising the knowledge of the unseen of that Allah Who, God forbid, had granted these faithless and disloyal people the warrant of His good pleasure.

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The demand of this situation was that they should have been punished there and then through you, but in spite of that. The fact of the matter is that this verse refers to vv. Another gain that accrued from the truce with the Quraish was that being assured of peace from the south the Muslims overpowered all the opponent forces in the north and central Arabia easily.

Therefore, the Holy Prophet summoned all his Companions together and took a solemn pledge from them that they would fight to death. Here what Allah has stated in clear words is: Furthermore, Imam Shafe’i also says that if during a conflict the disbelievers put a Muslim in front as a shield and a Fatshna kills him, there can be two possible alternatives: You reached the very home of the polytheists, and they had to persuade you to go back by soliciting you to perform ‘Umrah the following year; they themselves expressed the desire to suspend hostilities and have peace with you, whereas-their malice and enmity against you is too well-known.

This is not only fatahnx name of the Surah but also its title in view of the subject matter, for it deals with the great victory that Allah granted to the Holy Prophet and the Muslims in the form of the Truce of Hudaibiyah.