Meanings of International Maritime Signal Flags P – the Blue Peter – all aboard, vessel is about to proceed sea. (At sea) your Code and answering pennant. Handmade sewn or printed signal flags, order online from size 1 – 11, professional quality MoD Grade fabric. Huge range of fittings. Full set of 40 available. Maritime flags are an important way of communication out at sea. They require no means of verbal communication and make a message clear for all vessels.

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Flaggenalphabet for the German version of single-letter signals. With three numerals, azimuth or bearing. Substitutes for the third flag in the hoist.

International Signal Code Flags – CRW Flags Store in Glen Burnie, Maryland

No ICS meaning as single flag. International Flag that follows is from the International Code of Signals.

Boat navigation and piloting: International Code Flahs or Signaling Flags Although you may never see them displayed except at fleet parades, around naval installations, and areas with heavy international shipping traffic, International code flags are used to signal between two ships or between ship and shore. One-flag signals are urgent or very common signals see meanings below. The revisions were prepared in the previous seven languages plus Russian and Greek.

UM – the Harbour is closed to traffic. Space-division Frequency-division Time-division Polarization-division Orbital angular-momentum Code-division. At the dip about half-way up the halyard: All the above flags, except the Numeral Flags, are actually classified as Special Flags and Pennants. SO – You should stop your vessel instantly. UP – Permission to enter Harbour is urgently requested.


One intenrational raises the Kilo flag see diagram at the topor sends the Morse Code equivalent dash-dot-dash by flashing light; this has the assigned message of “I wish to communicate with you.

International Maritime Signal Flags | Nautical Signal Flags For Sale

Also, numeric decimal point. Also called signaling flags, they are a set of flags of different colors, shapes and markings which used singly or in combination have different meanings.

When a boat is dressed up for a special occasion, it will sometimes display signal flags. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November No Comments Jan 25, International Signal Flag and Pennant Alphabet Pwnnants before Radio was invented, boats could communicate by displaying flags.

Six-flag signals are used when necessary to indicate north or south or east or west in latitude and longitude signals. The last two numerals denote minutes and the rest degrees.

Maritime Flags – International Code Pennants

Penants The following is in plain language or is to be read in its literal sense. Three-flag signals are for points of the compass, relative bearings, standard times, verbs, punctuation, also general code and decode signals. Heihachiro Togo at the Battle coe Tsushima as the Japanese fleet prepared to engage the Russian fleet. It may be used by fishing vessels to mean: Most people have seen divers flags. No Comments Jan 16, The first 2 digits denote hours; the last 2 denote minutes. Also absence of flag officer.


International Code of Signals

Course in degrees magnetic. Retrieved from ” https: CD – I require immediate assistance. When raised this is an invitation to officers for a celebration.

Used to show that there is a diver below. It may show that you have “been there,” but it is not proper flag etiquette.

The flags include 26 square flags which depict the letters of the alphabet, ten numeral pendants, one answering pendant, and three substituters or repeaters. Sinceit has been reduced to focus on navigation and safety, including a medical section. Some Useful Two Letter Signals: It was revised by the Board of Trade inand was modified at the International Conference of in Washington, D. You will notice, for clarity, the flags shown are either red and white, yellow and blue, blue and white, or black and white; besides plain red, white, and blue.

QD – I am going ahead. It may be used by fishing vessels to mean: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. PP – Keep well clear of me. The International Code of Signals was preceded by a variety of naval signals and private signals, most notably Marryat’s Codethe most widely used code flags prior to Station Ship s indicated are to take a specific station s or position.

Starboard Used in conjunction with a maneuvering flag to indicate direction.