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Pure, White and Deadly ~. John Yudkin was Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics at the. University of London from to and is now Emeritus. Professor. Pure, White and Deadly. John Yudkin. Sugar. It is killing us. Why do we eat so much of it? What are its hidden dangers? In , when British scientist John. John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar Nora Roberts; Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin, a book widely derided at the.

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These findings probably helped to persuade Yudkin that nutrition was not ydkin a biological science but also had important social and economic components and implications.

The circular logic is symptomatic of a field with an unusually high propensity for ignoring evidence that does not fit its conventional wisdom. But, unlike Yudkin, Lustig is backed by a prevailing wind. From the Eighties onwards, several discoveries gave new credence to Yudkin’s theories. In the UK, it actually fell.

Market research showed there was a great deal of public enthusiasm for “healthy” products and low-fat foods would prove incredibly popular.

One admitted he had not read it.

Eventually, he tracked down a copy after submitting a request to his university library. Home and Garden Bulletin. For Whom and By Whom?

But Yudkin, who grew up in dire poverty in east London and went on to win a scholarship to Cambridge, was no killjoy. He noted, too, that while humans have always been carnivorous, carbohydrates only became a major component of their diet 10, years ago, with the advent of mass agriculture.


John Yudkin: the man who tried to warn us about sugar

They were also more likely to lose weight from fat tissue; the low-fat group lost some weight too, but it came from the muscles. Pure, White and Deadly: British Journal of Nutrition.

Sheldon Reiser, one of the few researchers to continue working on the effects of refined carbohydrates and sugar through the s, told Gary Taubes in There was no objective basis for the countries chosen by Keys, and it is hard to avoid the conclusion that he picked only those he suspected would support his hypothesis. Recommended to Pcallist by: Atkins, resolutely a practitioner rather than an academic, was unbound by gentlemanly conventions.

Inwhen British scientist John Yudkin first proved that sugar was bad for our health, he was ignored by the majority of the medical profession and rubbished by the food industry.

Pure, white and no longer quite so deadly | Global | The Guardian

Is sugar worse than fat? I was impressed that he saw all this well before others this book was published in Doctors base their advice on them, food companies develop products to comply with them.

It is a familiar complaint. This was not what the food industry wanted to hear. He was talked about by fellow scientists as an eccentric, a lone obsessive. Looking for More Great Reads? His parents were Russian Jews who settled in England after fleeing the pogroms of pur By then it was too late. Hardcoverpages. Lusting he is correct in every sentence he does in this book. The response of the nutrition establishment was ferocious: Aug 28, Josh rated it really liked it Shelves: Yudkin wrote several books recommending low-carbohydrate diets for feadly loss, including This Slimming Business Step away from the sugar bowl now Dedly John Yudkin was the first to sound the alarm about the excess of sugar in the diet of modern Americans.


John Yudkin – Wikipedia

Brought up-to-date by childhood obesity expert Dr Robert Lustig M. Biochemists and endocrinologists are more likely to think of obesity as a hormonal disorder, triggered by the kinds of foods we started eating a lot more of when we cut back on fat: Return to Book Page.

State registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, Lyndel Costain, for one, belives Carmen makes very interesting reading: And in a system where even diseases and suffering can be turned into a profitable business, we are lucky to at least have a few books like these.