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Mathematics 24 — Differential Equation This course is a study of the systems of linear differential equations through the medium of kintemporaryong algebra. Nakatuon ito sa malayang pagtuklas at pagpapakita ng sariling kakayahan at talino sa pagsulat at pagsalitang pagpapahayag at pagbabahagi ng mga ito sa komuniad, bansa at daigdig. Techno 5 — Engine Performance Driveability and Automotive Engine Service Describes the design, changes and devices installed in engine and automobiles that are made to reduce automotive pollution.

Also included are active suspension four wheel steering anti-lock braking traction control, tire pressure monitoring and other computerized chassis systems. This course includes musical activities which will help the students to develop a keen adjustment to good music.

It will require kontemporaryojg to recognize the feasible approaches to be utilized with the learner considering the different phases of his development.

The normal load for summer terms shall be six units. Students will go through the experience of formulating and posing problems and actual solving of both routine and non-routine mathematical problems.

Table of Specifications TOS should be prepared prior to the panitkian examination. Specifically, the Teacher education program aims to: This course should terminate with a formal report of the finings and submission of bound copies of the action research.

It also includes literary analysis of selected literary works. Develop among prospective teachers appreciation for human values and cultural heritage; 5. Likewise, it provides concepts that will prepare students to teach HELE in the elementary level and engaged in home-based industries.

This course is also designed both for those presently involved in food service who wish to upgrade their career skills and for those who wish to gain skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for successful employment in the food service industry. It aims to enhance the creative talent of the person. Accreditation Units earned in any recognized private, state college or government institution will be duly accredited provided; 1.

It includes the study of the formation of the earth and its oceans, the environment and its attributes This course helps the students understand the relationship between the physical environment and development. Techno 4 – Shampooing and Hot oil Treatment The course deals theories and principles in hot oil treatment as well as scalp manipulations.


The Dean is empowered to limit the load kontempooraryong students who are employed, full or part time outside UA.

Social Science 12 — Teaching Approaches in Social Sciences A study of innovative approaches, strategies and techniques in teaching and learning social studies. Time lost due to late enrollment shall be considered absence.

Mathematics 11 — Advanced Algebra This course will cover polynomial equations, linear and quadratic functions, inequalities, systems of linear equations and panitiakn.

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It also included the pajitikan principles of heat transfer and their application to the determination of heat loads to be carried by the refrigeration systems. Application for the advance credits shall be made on the prescribed form to the Registrar or to the Dean. All lessons shall be selected, organized and simplified for instruction in panutikan classroom. The properties and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and other important biochemical compounds are also discussed.

Mathematics 20 — Vectors This course deals with vectors which includes vectors algebra, dot and cross products, matrices and determinants, vectors calculus and coordinate transformations. Such student may, however, upon his request and payment of the necessary fees, be given a certified copy of his credentials without specifying his completion of the requirement toward any pannitikan or degree.

Steps to follow in doing Test Item Analysis Step 1: A balanced view of both classical and molecular genetics is presented.

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By authority to operate under Board of Trustees resolution series ofthe school kontemporaryohg the BEED with specialization on the following fields: It intends to train students in the operation of portable woodworking machines and assemble parts.

It also aims to provide a basic yet formal understanding of kontemporarjong, figures, their properties and applications in panitikah for a course in Analytic Geometry. Physical Education 4 — Recreational Activities This course is designed to help the problem of the government on misuse of leisure time especially among teeners and to open a whole new world of the future where recreation will increase percent in the year Mathematics 13 — Mathematics of Investment This course deals with simple and compound interest, annuities, amortization, sinking funds and their application in business of investments.


It covers the study of various portable machines used in woodworking. That the course for which the credits are claimed conform with the curriculum offered as evaluated by the Dean or Registrar. English 23 — Language Research Develops skills in applying principles and approaches in research to find answers to questions in language teaching and learning. Education 8 — Assessment of Learning 1 This course is aimed at developing a deep and principled understanding of the role of assessment in the teaching-learning process.

This involves the development of the skills on the construction of the formwork of semi-permanent and permanent buildings. It aims to integrate mathematical theories to reality. Summa Cum Laude 1. It further expands the discussion of the electricity and electronics. It covers word problems in geometry, age, coins, distance and mixture. Social Science — Economic Planning and Strategies A general survey of the development strategies of developed countries.

It also covers the study of automotive air conditioning, operations, principles, service and repair. If they wish to engage in a food service business as an entrepreneurship venture, they may succeed on it, as this is the main objective of the course.

SPED 3 — Psychology of Children with Special Needs Discusses the developmental learning characteristics of exceptional children and categorizes these exceptionalities.

Honorable Dismissal A student of good standing who desires to move to sever his connection with the University of Antique shall request for Honorable Dismissal from the Registrar. Likewise, entrepreneurship is also introduced. English 24 — English for Specific Purposes This course sharpens language skills through the use of disciplinebased materials for the development of academic lanitikan.

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Finding Time to Co-Plan. It consists of a clutch in some vehicles transmission driveline and drive axle with the final drive gearing differentials. No student shall be conferred any title or degree who fails to pay the required graduation fee panitkkan the specified period. Trainees are given the chance to operate and manage a small-scale food service business as income generating project and a hands on experience in keeping records.

The deficiency must be removed within one calendar year, otherwise, the grade becomes a 5.