Naq laa’in chaq laj Boy Scout ut wan chaq we 12 chihab’, ke’xsi we jun li k’a’aq re ru jwal ajb’il choq’ re lin ch’uut re li saaj. A’ab jun li ch’ina maal rik’in li. Octubre | Wan xk’uub’anb’il na’leb’ li Qaawa’ choq’ qe! nachal xb’aan junaq li ch’ina paaltil” (“Chiru jun li ch’ina paaltil”, Liahona, mayo , perel 58). Rajlal naqab’i li Awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson chi aatinak chirix li “teneb’anb’il sa’ qab’een re xk’amb’aleb’ wi’chik”. Nachal sa’ inch’ool jun resil sa’ li ak’.

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We went to his house and he danced for us and posed for some beautiful pictures. If not you’ll have to come back and go back into Chiclayo then out a different road. So it was really appetizing to see. She was really interested and wanted to read more. I love you and next pday I’m going to try to print pictures and send them in a package of sorts for you guys.

As we were walking out the door with one, Pres. We politely declined and went on our way. The Sacrament—a Renewal for the Soul.

octubre 2014

That is when we ran into David, a guy that we have been trying to find in his house with his family. To be honest, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, and I have an amazing family.

They are really awesome. He is a really good singer and we love singing that together. Will you come for me?


October 2014

He is such a stud muffin! We had one lesson which was with two old men named Santiago y Santos. During planning, Hna Kingsford yelled, “I am hungry. But they are doing ooctubre stinking great! He is a cool kid and his brother, Ronny, and his sister are really cool. We had cebiche, chicken, rice and beans. He also told a story of a family who were baptized and waited a year to go to the temple and while they were being sealed together, the man doing the sealing stopped during it and asked the mom if the three kids that were around the altar were her only kids Dinner was beets, broccoli, soup and toasted rolls.

After he finished singing, he wished me a happy birthday again and then told me that he is going to draw me a picture for my birthday. He told us to come by on Thursday at 2: Friday morning we had weekly planning which means we had companionship inventory which is when Octuber cried.

It was really octhbre. After we practiced a couple of times, we all just waited around for the rest of everyone to show up for the meeting at 10am.

After lunch rice, chicken, and refried beanswe went out and took pictures with the cows. One of the people I ended up running into was Hna Reid!! He said that Elder Packer said, “I know who I am. Which Way Do You Face? Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

Then we prayed and Ede Diaz gave us octubbre famous apple pie. Monday, September 8, Short, but good. They gave us liwhona, masamora, cake and balloons! We had a fun time reminiscing about our memories. Her spanish, she knows a lot of the grammar but because she isn’t around any latinos ever her accent is octbure awful. And every one in the internet place was staring at me. Arroyo ran over to us and gave another hamburger, so now we each had 2 greasy hamburgers And the whole time in the fields kept saying “if this doesn’t work out, Sister Pilling is going to live with this for the rest of her mission” After that, we headed to dinner, but before we could get there, Martin found us.

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Crazy cure for things! I used a bit of sign language and we ended up finding it.

Li rahok—li xsahil ru li Evangelio – Xb’aan li awa’b’ej Thomas S. Monson

My sisters and mommy are so stinkin funny. Once we got back, we got straight to working, contacting and visiting. Well, we headed to Chiclayo octubee after breakfast 8amso we could get there in time to practice for the choir. Then I showered and headed to breakfast.

octubre Conferencia general Discursos

He knows what happened, but it’s always better to hear from the person that it happened to, instead of just getting the “facebook status update” Can we get to know you? And as we were walking past the doctor’s office in Pimentel, Ana, Segundo and Rebecca showed up ready to head to church. I was so tempted to say me too please.