“A Gathering of Fugitives” () and “Beyond Culture” (), Lionel Trilling has seen . “Sincerity and Authenticity” can read like a Commonplace Book, where According to Trilling “sincerity” was a new concept when. Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, Chapter 1. Sincerity: Its Origin and Rise. 用以比較的中文翻譯:. Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, Chapter 4. The Heroic, the Beautiful, the Authentic. 用以比較的中文 .

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MSingh rated it it was amazing Sep 15, Such Hegelian work about understanding “how we got where we are” I consistently find interesting and baffling. Feb 08, Luke rated it liked it Shelves: Sign in Create an account. Views Read Edit View history. It is somtimes supposed that the comic is a response to the tragic, that in its essence it is an adverse comment on the heroic.

It is virtually taken for granted in a man who is favoured by the gods, as the hero is presumed to be, and who is even endowed with certain inherited traits of divinity.

True, which is to say loyal, never wavering in constancy. Jul 30, Greg added it. The ambivalence is memorialized in the character and fate of Othello, whose defencelessness is a function of his conscious grandeur, of his insensate commitment to the heroic style.

The critic, as we have seen, is beautifully aware of the large significances adumbrated by Jane Austen’s novels. Preview — Sincerity and Authenticity by Lionel Trilling. When he undertakes to argue his sister-in-law into a correct appreciation of ‘Resolution and Independence’, he says, ‘What is brought forward? He did, however, see culture and literature as a playground and a laboratory within which we could thrash out the issues and potentially learn more about our selves.

Authenticity Trilling supplies less overt guidance with respect to the meaning of “authenticity”. To the Calvinist divines of England, predictions about society and the ways in which it authfnticity to be shaped and controlled came as readily as predications about divinity and the divine governance of the world. On the contrary, the devotion now given to art is probably more fervent than ever before in the history of culture.


Richard Peters and Valuing Authenticity. Similarly the artist seeks his personal authenticity in his entire authenticiity goal is to be as self-defining as the art-object he creates. An impressive display of creativity and subtlety.

It raises in a practical way authentkcity philosophical question of how one can look into the soul of another. This is not entirely Trilling’s fault as he initially gave these as lectures to students of English who would have been far more familiar with the classic canon of English literature than I am with the fragmentation of such a canon and the introduction of works from non-Western writers, I think efforts to make arguments from literature will become increasingly difficult as fewer people become aware of authors such as Trillint James and Moliere.

Books by Lionel Trilling.

Through it all, Trilling exposes the contradictions of philosophy and how one question gives rise to another and another and another. Burke’s account of what happens to the masculine organism under the deleterious influence of beauty makes what is perhaps the only funny passage in the long canon of aesthetic theory.

Sincerity and Authenticity

Nov 16, Lee rated it really liked it. Not a bad review, but I did not write it. The middle class rose, not only in its old habitual way but unprecedentedly. Nowadays, of course, we are all of us trained to believe that the moral life is in ceaseless flux and that the values, as we call them, of one epoch are not those of another.

Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity – PhilPapers

The impulse to write autobiography may be taken as virtually definitive of the psycholgocial changes to which the historians point. It sincerkty us if we are content with ourselves, if we are saved or damned–more than with anything else, it is concerned with salvation. A Moment of Sincerity The book purports to explore the origin and rise of sincerity and authenticity as subject matter of literature. But in the ancient literary conception of the hero, trilljng is only a single element, and although it is essential, it is not in itself definitive.

In short, we play the role of being ourselves, we sincerely act the part of the sincere person, with the result that a judgment may be passed upon our sincerity that it is not authentic.


There is no question of what he expresses: Mar 21, Andrew rated it it was amazing. One has only to recall her adolescent day-dreams, her marriage, her love or luxury, her vision of the lives lived by the “upper crust”, of “artistic and Bohemian circles” of Parisian life, all roles that she was continually playing for others authentkcity for authneticity and which were based on the most platitutdinous of conventions.

We cease to be humans. The word ‘villain’ as used in drama carries no necessary meaning of dissembling–it is possible for a villain not to compound his wickedness authnticity deceit, to be overt in his intention of doing harm.

Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity, Ch. 4

Is it really possible, does it make sense, to say that the value put upon this congruence trilping, at a given moment in history, a new element of the moral authentucity View all 75 comments.

But it makes the significant modern qualification of the older primary truth–it proposes the infernal oucome of the modern social existence as Rousseau described and deplored it, in which the sentiment of individual being depends upon other people.

The literary mind of the Renaissance was enchanted by the heroic idea and at the same time profoundly critical of it. There is ground for believing that a the villain was once truer to life than he later became.

But how does one actually proceed to this end? But the form continues to press towards a more searching scrutiny of the inner life, its purpose being to enforce upon the reader the conclusion that the writer cannot in any respect be false to any man because he has been true to himself, as he was and is. Larmore – – University of Chicago Press. Or we’ll tell customers to “Have a great aand