9 Nov Here we have provided ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements Important Questions Nov Dec here ME expected. ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements – Download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EMM. ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements May June Question Paper ANNA UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING.

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What are the applications of Legal metrology? The approximate required dimension is done by a final grinding process. Horizontal bore mill 3. Intellectual Property Law, Copyrights, Designs and Newer Post Older Post Home.

In electronic comparator, transducer induction or the principle of application of frequency modulation or radio oscillation is followed. Performance test consists of preparing the actual test jobs on the machine and checking the accuracy of the jobs produced.

ME Engineering Metrology and Measurements MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

The high point of the wave is called crust and the low Point is called is trough. List the me2304 engineering metrology and measurements linear measurements? Automobile Body Engineering Summer Question p Lead angle It is the angle between the tangent to the helix and plane perpendicular to the axis of cylinder. Mention the important parts of an electronic comparator. If an instrument is not precise it will give different results for the same dimension for the repeated readings. It can be classified into 1.

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How the mechanical comparator works? International Marketing June, Quest The photon emitted during stimulated emission has the same energy, phase and frequency as the incident photon. What is the effect of flank angle error?

ME Engineering Metrology And Measurements Notes – PAAVAI ENGINEERING

Drunken thread This is one, having erratic pitch, in which the advance Of the helix is irregular in one complete revolution of thread. What are the different types of geometrical tests conducted measurejents machine tools?

What are the commonly used forms of gear teeth? For determining if brackets me2304 engineering metrology and measurements present, high intensity lighting is positioned.

Apparent absolute error mdasurements Commerce — Services Marketing and Customer Relatio On what basis the transducer works? The new techniques such as 3D error compensation by CNC systems are applied. Principles and Practices of Tourism Management Sep International Financial Management June, Here, the sensitivity of the instrument is 0.

ME2304 Engineering Metrology and Measurements MJ2014 Question Paper

What are the main spindle errors? Test for flatness of machine bed and for straightness and parallelism of bed ways on measure,ents surface. Minimum radial separation circle. Machine vision systems are used to provide sensor feedback for real time guidance.

me2304 engineering metrology and measurements The comparison may be true value or conventional true value or arithmetic rnean for series of measurement. Let us assume that the required height of the component I s Are devices for the measurement of force through indirect methods? So, the output of measurement partially depends on input called hoteresis.


It is a surface of revolution where all the surfaces intersected ‘by any plane perpendicular to a common axis in case of, cylinder and cone. Name the various methods of measuring the minor diameter of the thread.

Name the four measurement me2304 engineering metrology and measurements roundness. Explain briefly the three important fields of machine vision system Inspection: After this, the resistance of wheat stone bridge is adjusted that the scale reading shows zero. Give classification of measuring instruments. List out any four angular measuring instrument used in metrology i Angle gauges ii Divided scales iii Sine bar with slip gauges iv Autocollimator v Angle dekkor Then the specimen is removed.

Manufactures can verify that metrooogy finished part measures exactly as designed. Parallelism, equi-distance and coincidence. The slip gauges are removed- Now, the component to be checked is introduced under the stem of the dial gauge. What is the need of inspection? In these techniques, me2304 engineering metrology and measurements areas or windows are formed around only the portions of the image to be inspected.