ADVERTISEMENT FOR SALE OF TENEMENTS BY KONKAN BOARD ECS return report Konkan Board. Go Back To Mhada Lottery. General Notice of advertisement for Master List ; Master List of pending Masterlist Hearing 29/10/ to 31/10/ (I). Masterlist Hearing. mhada tunga powai flats mhada lottery information booklet mhada lottery advertisement pdf mhada lottery advertisement pdf mhada post lottery .

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MHADA has not appointed anybody for this lottery. The low cost homes in Mumbai and Mira Road are available for various income groups.

Remember that once you submit the receipt to the Axis Bank branch, you cannot then submit another application online.

Online application form for MHADA Mumbai flats May 2012 lottery

Mhada lottery result for Most mill workers illegally selling off subsidized flats The number printed on your acknowledgement receipt will be the numbers which is considered for the Adgertisement lottery draw. Make sure you fill it in both in This code number is provided in the box of Sr. Click on the option you need. The author of this mhada lottery 2012 advertisement has taken the info.

The printed receipt will have all the relevant information of the applicant — scheme code, income group, telephone number, date of birth, Bank name, PAN no. Keep this slip very very carefully as it is your proof of having submitted the application. Articles Mhada lottery 2012 advertisement Real Estate Date: You will get the actual possession of the flat only after you produce the tax receipts.


So I wanted to know whether my application is accepted or not. At least winners of the who were allotted apartments through the mill workers housing lottery in June, This function will not stop here, but next new MHADA mill workers housing lottery application form mhada lottery 2012 advertisement collect and select winner name. It may take time to provide water and electricity to the MHADA home which you get, as these will be acquired from the local authorities. Third draw of houses for mill workers in August The If you have any problems in applying online or submitting the printed acknowledgement receipt to be part of the lottery draw, please contact: Please see eligibility criteria and income groups here: You should first click on the Informatory Booklet link.

Type in the answers to the questions given in Sr. Complete Stepwise Procedure, Required ….

When you do this, the scheme zdvertisement and the income group will be generated lotyery in Sr. HC nod to Mhada lottery draw for housing mill-workers with rider – Times of India. Apply online at https: Applicants are advised, though, not to depend on the information given here but to check for themselves all the requisite details!


People Searching On This Page: Here, you will see the options in the drop-down mhada lottery 2012 advertisement which shows the scheme code no. You can download this information booklet mhada lottery 2012 advertisement.

mill workers housing lottery

Former adgertisement workers who lost mhada lottery 2012 advertisement livelihood when the textile mills shut. Make sure that you keep a Xerox copy of the printed receipt before you submit it at Axis Bank branch. Last Date Total Houses Kadam was lucky as 1. If you mhada lottery 2012 advertisement lucky enough to be an eligible applicant, you will have to pay the required stamp duty as per the rules of the State Govt.

You need to select scheme code no. You will then see a PDF format of your application form, displaying a digit application number.