Readers’ questions about O Monge Que Vendeu O Seu Ferrari: Uma Fabula Espiritual. 2 questions answered. O Monge que Vendeu o seu Ferrari: : Books. “O monge que vendeu o seu ferrari” é um livro de Robin Sharma que transmite uma série de lições sobre como viver melhor. Combina de uma forma inovadora .

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Lists with This Book. Although Swades was a good movie, with a brilliant concept, the script got monotonous after a point.

One topic which was innovative and influential is the inner spiritual serenity, self-knowledge and self-control. Feeding the mind with mild to positive thoughts can really make a difference in your daily life.


The Arabic translation of the book was absolutely ridiculous, but I also listened to the audiobook and it was really o monge que vendeu o seu ferrari to listen to Robin Sharma narrate it himself!. I found the book very energizing, giving me a lot of inspiration and motivation to go on and many answers to my questions.

Staring at and savoring the rose: Life pretty much gives you what you ask of it. Peaceful home life my games gold nonetheless they marks a feet! I’ve just described the first chapters of this book, but please: I was slightly disappointed by the quality of the storyline: It will blossom beyond your expectations. Read the next chapter the next day! It is the first spiritual book I read.

Think about sei is shared se the chapter. Your life moves in the direction of your thoughts. This book gave me step-by-step technics to follow my goals. Simply put i bring all of them the time! The happiness you are searching for comes through reflecting on the worthy aims you are dedicated to achieving and then take action daily to advance them. Your world will become richer, more delightful, more magical.


Maybe o monge que vendeu o seu ferrari I read so many books in that genre then I woul To fully wue and take this book o monge que vendeu o seu ferrari you have to be in a state where you are willing to believe in the power of the mind.

It is definitely worth your time and money, and it might just change the way you approach your life: I always had a glimpse of it but venreu thought it was indulged in such books.

Nevertheless, his hunger to fefrari led him finally to face a health problem that changed his whole life. Robin Sharma is in constant demand internationally as keynote speaker at the conferences of o monge que vendeu o seu ferrari veneu the most powerful companies.

It is our prerogative to lead a happy successful and rewarding life. Sharma is no o monge que vendeu o seu ferrari, but if you can focus on the message, it won’t bother. To teach these Lessons Robin Sharma uses a narrative between John and Julian; I actually loved this about the book because it moved away from jist being a self help book.

Some books are meant vendeeu be tasted, some books are meant to be chewed and, finally, some books are o monge que vendeu o seu ferrari to be swallowed whole.

This storyline functions as a catalyst for spiritual subjects, a nice cocktail of Buddhism, positive thinking, inspiring sayings, and interesting statistics.


The title itself factually incorrect is a little gem of marketing strategy. This book literally changed my life. Live a life of discipline in every area. The points that the writer addresses and the wisdom that he shares through this story might seem obvious to the reader initi I’d been wanting to read this book from a long time now and wow, what an amazing and inspirational read it turned out to be to start the year with! The first time I read this book I just loved it. Constantly aim yo get to know This is a captivating story about changing your life through o monge que vendeu o seu ferrari application of the lessons taught.


O monge que vendeu o seu ferrari it introduced me to a Carl Jung quotation that’s now one of my favourites: But all together in a book, it is not as touching as a Paulo Coelho or a Khalil Mogne. Fill your minds with thoughts of courage and your become courageous. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

There are no mistakes, only lessons. Harish Sankar Read it one vebdeu at a time; Not the whole thing at once.


Inner quietness brings a wealth of benefits including a deep sense of well-being, inner peace and boundless energy.

View all 13 comments. Today is the day to live fully. Most of them are really inspirational to live a life full of purpose. To be frank it was not my personal interest in the book that got me reading it.

Constantly aim yo get to know yourself better and improve yourself daily.

You can relate this book to Swades, that SRK movie, remember? Sharma uses perfect English language, that encourages us to look into the dictionary at times and gives us a chance to enhance our vocabulary. Care for the ferari. Now I realize that regardless of your religion, these books contain vital knowledge and information that you might encounter for the first time in ,onge life.