14 Jul Configuration Guide – Openfiler as Shared Storage for Virtual Environment Lab. 15 Sep OPENFILER ADMINISTRATION GUIDE DOWNLOAD – 14 Jul Configuration Guide – Openfiler as Shared Storage for Virtual Environment Lab. 24 Oct The Administrator Guide for Openfiler is available for purchase be posting tutorials and tips on Openfiler administration on this site.

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You need to create three partitions on the system in order to proceed with the installation: The interface is slightly different, but for the most part, the concepts are the same. As part of setting up Home Lab for virtual environment, we read about installation of Openfiler appliance in the previous article ” Installation Guide – Openfiler as Shared Storage for Virtual Environment Lab “. Let’s move on to the configuration part and see how we can manage this appliance for accessing shared storage ESXi Hosts.

Open the command prompt, type diskmgmt. Once you are satisfied with your entries, proceed by clicking the OK button to create the partition.


How to Install, Configure, and Use Openfiler as an iSCSI Device | DALARIS TECH BLOG

Add Volume for NFS: Provide share name e;g Share Click Add Volume Group. Thank you for choosing to use Openfiler. In this administeation, I randomly choose V: Once the server restarts, you will see a screen similar to the following.

On the disk setup screen, if you have any existing partitions on the system, please delete them. You need to type the new URL as https: With this configuration all hosts openfiler administration guide network Click Close to proceed.

Downloads | Openfiler

Click Admin Qdministration to change the admin password. If you are unable to proceed at any point with the installation process or you make a mistake, use the Back button to return to previous points in the installation process.

In this section you will configure network devices, system hostname and DNS parameters.

Note You cannot go back to previous screens once you have gone past this point. If you have more than one network interface device, they will all be listed in the Network Devices section.

Join my Facebook Group https: A feature comparison of these two projects is available here One openfiller that was pointed out in that is that while both distributions are free and open source, the Administrator Guide for Openfiler 2.


Openfiler 2.3 Administrator Guide

To delete a partition, highlight it in the list of partitions and click the Delete button. Once you have clicked Next in the preceding section, axministration installer will begin the installation process.

Make sure you have an empty drive without partitions in it called e. Enter name as MyVolume and size as total size of 40GB.

The Administrator Guide for Openfiler 2. Force to be a primary partition: Earlier you created Physical Volumes using disks.

Click the Next button once you have selected the correct radiobutton option. April 7, admin. Create Swap Partition Proceed by creating a swap partition. Force to be a primary partition: Taged In Lab Home.

Next we will configure iSCSI based on opsnfiler newly created volume. Before assigning it, you have to perform few more steps mentioned below.