Online PAN application. Apply Online; Registered User. Application Type*. Please Select, New PAN – Indian Citizen (Form 49A), New PAN – Foreign. Regenerate Online PAN Application (Form 49A). Enter Application No.(10 digit): U-. Date of Birth / Incorporation / Agreement / Partnership or Trust Deed. Know about PAN Card form 49A, PAN Card Application Form 49A free download pdf, How to fill-up PAN Application Form 49A, Form 49 A for Indian Citizens.

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Enter your number below. Please give the other name.


List of documents which will serve pan card form 49a proof of identity, address and date of birth for each status of applicant is as given below: It is also important to mention the STD code for the phone number provided. Email ID This Email will be used for sending all alerts. In case of an Indian citizen residing outside India, copy of Bank Account Statement in country of residence or copy of Non-resident External NRE bank account statements not more than three months old shall be the proof of address.

Correct details – It is important to take your time and fill the form and ensure that you have filled in the correct details. Structure and Components of Form 49A. Those already allotted a pan card form 49a alphanumeric PAN shall not apply again as having or using more than one PAN is illegal. Let us look at the components of Form 49A in some detail pan card form 49a.

Given below are a few things one needs to be wary of when filling in the form. PAN Card – Sitemap. Fill up the entire form in Block letters and preferably in black ink.

Father’s Name Even married women should 4a9 in father’s name only Initials are not permitted in first and fom name. Therefore, this column should be filled in by representative assessee only as specified in Section of the Income-tax Act,such as, an agent of the non-resident, guardian or manager of a minor, lunatic or idiot, Court of Wards, Administrator General, Official Trustee, receiver, manager, trustee of a Trust including Wakf.


Paste two recent stamp size colour photographs 3. Section of Income Tax Act, provides that any person pan card form 49a can be represented through Representative Assessee.

This is the address to which your PAN Card will be dispatched. Filling the form with pan card form 49a details might lead to complications during the processing of the form and might even lead to rejection of the application. Documents should be in the name of applicant. Language and basic rules – The applicant can fill in Form 49A only in English. For HUF, a An affidavit by the karta of the Hindu Undivided Family stating flrm name, father’s name and address of all the coparceners on the date of application; and b Copy of any document applicable in the case of an individual specified above, in respect of karta of the Hindu undivided family, as proof of identity, address 94a date of birth.

The first two pages of the gorm are pan card form 49a be filled by the applicant and the rest of the pages include instructions for filling Form 49A. It is mandatory to pan card form 49a at least one of the sources of incomes, as mentioned in the form.

PAN Application Form 49A

Any incomplete Form 49A will be rejected. Address – The applicant needs to fform the details of their residence address and office address in this part of the form.

Other applicants should leave this field blank. Payment can be made through credit card or net banking online. A processing fee of Rs.

PAN Card Application Forms

The form is designed with 16 components, each component with a sub section that needs to be filled out. It is also governed by Rule of the Income Tax Rules, Your are required to sign appropriately in the following places Click here to view demo One carr across the top left photo Do not pan card form 49a over the face One signature below the top right photo within the box One signature at the bottom of the form within the box In all the pages of proof pan card form 49a Identity, Address, and Date of Birth.


Source of income – The applicant should mention from where they draw their 49q. Proof of Identity and Proof of address is also required for representative assessee.

For example, different variations of ‘Private Limited’ viz. And forms are also available fork fill able format for online submission of application.

There are some rules that one should follow while filling in Form 49A. Write in the name, address, Date of birth and other important details as it is mentioned in the proof that you are enclosing along with the form.

Abbreviation of the name – The applicant has to abbreviate their name as they pan card form 49a like to see on their Pwn card in this section of the form. If the name is longer than the space provided for the last name, it can be continued in the space provided for First and Middle Name.

Instructions for filling the Form 49A: Structure and Components of Form 49AA. Please pan card form 49a appropriate title.

Name you would like printed on the card should not be prefixed with titles such as Shri, Smt, Kumari, Cadd.