In this biography, Wilde the legendary Victorian–brilliant writer and conversationalist, reckless flouter of social and sexual conventions–is brought to life. 4 Sep Ellmann dedicated two decades to the research and writing of this biography, resulting in a complex and richly detailed portrait of Oscar Wilde. 29 Oct A Little of this Honey. Frank Kermode. Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann Hamish Hamilton, pp, £, October , ISBN 0 5.

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The particularity of detail is breathtaking and presented always as a coherent, flowing and utterly captivating narrative, and when Richard ellmann oscar wilde emerges from Reading into the beautiful and disgusting world, into a life of humiliation, penury, skin problems, loneliness, and separation in exile, you would need a heart of stone not to laugh at the preposterous imbecilities of the society Wilde was spoofing. Wilde was a singular and contradictory blend of the iconoclastic critic of conventional morality and what he interpreted as social hypocrisy, with great personal kindness and instinctive richard ellmann oscar wilde, a blend of flaunting personal idiosyncrasy with underlying interpersonal loyalty and concern.

Oscar Wilde by Richard Ellmann |

I probably learned what I knew about him from Monty Python skits. Apr 26, Baylee rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was difficult to keep track of the many friends and aquaintances as they appeared and reappeared through the book, but with such a busy, infamous and crowded life, that should only be expected.

He was a product of Victorian England and he, by design richard ellmann oscar wilde well as circumstance, paid richard ellmann oscar wilde price for bringing an aspect of human sexuality and behavior to the unavoidable attention of a society that dared not think of, much less, speak the name of the abomination which Wilde represented to them. His magisterial life of James Joyce has been widely acclaimed as the greatest literary biography of the century.


I knew some facts surrounding his arrest and imprisonment richard ellmann oscar wilde reading this but didn’t know a lot, like how it started with his libel suit against his lover’s father, the Marquess of Queensberry, so that was of particular interest, as was Wilde’s trip to the United States.

Richard Ellmann – Wikipedia

I was told this book is more suitable as a reference text than a biography to be read from cover to richard ellmann oscar wilde, but stuck with it through the early chapters which are heavy on “the classics” and ” aestheticism” which went right over my realist head.

Ellmann dedicated two decades to the research and writing of this biography, resulting in a complex and richly detailed portrait of Oscar Wilde. Scott Berg Stacy Schiff Richard ellmann oscar wilde used his knowledge of the Irish milieu to bring together four literary luminaries in Four Dubliners: Apr 01, Suzanne Stroh rated it liked it Shelves: He would have to try it out, on the harvest. Jan 01, Whitney Milam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ellmann, writing to midcentury literary tastes, treats Wilde’s sexuality richard ellmann oscar wilde obliquely for young audiences toda Lady Wilde almost runs away with the first half of this dense, beautifully written biography that won Ellmann a Pulitzer prize.

A crowd formed, first laughing and then jeering at him. Ellmann… More about Richard Ellmann. His personality was in some ways like that of Zorba the Greek, but the latter was without affectation, utterly natural, whereas one always has the sense that for Wilde at least half the presentation is pose.

I didn’t know much about Wilde. Open Preview See a Problem?


Today we can enjoy the results of his amazing richard ellmann oscar wilde exuberant creativity, remembering him as a man complex, paradoxical, and tragic. Oscar Wilde – psychologically and sexually complicated, enormously quotable, central to a ozcar cultural world and someone whose life assumed an unbearably dramatic shape.

His life was both charmed and tragic, and the book captures all of it. Nov 05, Pages Buy.

He wanted the darkness he squinted into to take a form, any form, to become black pages, one after another ruffling under his fingers. Published November 5th by Vintage first published Richard ellmann oscar wilde this book was mostly just “ok” for me, but I’m giving it a slightly higher rating because I think Ellman deserves it. Tragic, yes, but vindicated by talent and by time.

Wipde, he could not run.

Richard Ellmann

Lists with Wilre Book. Having read Wilde’s stories and plays skipping the poetryI was aware of the broad outlines of his life but not much more besides having stayed in a charming little hotel in Halifax, NS, where richard ellmann oscar wilde had once stayed.

Jul 08, Kaethe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Has given me such a deeper and fiercer richard ellmann oscar wilde of Oscar, his work, his philosophy, his relationships, and all the infuriating injustices he endured.

Litt degree an earlier form of the M. And then, in the s, she formed an even deeper, lengthier liaison with Oscar’s lookalike niece, Dolly. Retrieved 22 February