Die Kunst des klaren Denkens: Rolf Dobelli, Birgit Lang: Books – Rolf Dobelli wurde in Luzern geboren. Er studierte Wirtschaft und promovierte in Philosophie an der Universität St. Gallen. Danach war er als Manager und. Find a Rolf Dobelli gelesen von Frank Elstner – Die Kunst Des Klaren Denkens – Denkfehler, Die Sie Besser Anderen überlassen first pressing or reissue.

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Dobelli is compelled to clarify that this observation is explained by an “all the risk-taking people died off, so the cautious remained” hypothesis that’s utterly ridiculous. For these many people, there is always a space called the benefit of doubt and they leave it open while dealing with people around them whether in office or in life as a whole. My main issue is the writer himself, read a few of rolf dobelli die kunst des klaren denkens pages, and you soon come to understand that Rolf Dobelli doesn’t know what he’s talking about at all.

Die Kunst des klaren Denkens: 52 Denkfehler, die Sie besser anderen überlassen

It’s not enough to explain that we overweight the potential for loss over the potential for gain, which is interesting. The author made no research on any of the items, but merely put forward the work of others.

A good way of reading it would be highlighting the clearest example in each fallacy in addition to the conclusion. People do take probabilities into consideration, I mean, there are major chunk of individuals who see life as grey and not only black or only white.

Fortunately I’ve checked out ” Thinking, Fast and Slow ” by Daniel Kahneman rolf dobelli die kunst des klaren denkens long denkenx ago, and could see a lot of the places where Rolf Dobelli used Daniel’s examples and researches throughout the book, without even slightest pointer to him, or his best-selling book, that’s a big NO in my book. Refresh and try again. I am a person with an average intelligence yet I feel this book is far from satiating my intellectual appetite.


If people just learned the top 20, they would be in better shape.

If you’re looking for a book to help you get ahead, or improve you as a human being, don’t look here ; but if like me, you want to see how a book of such reputation with no scientific ground, or even much common sense, can be so popular among some people, get this book and start reading. Good wrap-up rolf dobelli die kunst des klaren denkens cognitive errors and shortcuts. Alas, that won’t be the case since the book reads like bull in a china shop; Dobelli massacres the art of critical thinking and puts in its place a Frankenstein doppelganger called cynicism and uncritical use of anecdotes.

In fact, one could say that The Art of Thinking Clearly is little more than attempt to distil the biases and only rolf dobelli die kunst des klaren denkens biases mentioned in Thinking, Fast and Slow and similar such books.

But from the very beginning, I was frustrated by the brevity of each chapter. My advice is to take the chapter headings of the book as a list. Warren Buffet has seen people losing money with this because they ignore facts which contradict the theory in the mind of the investor.

Each chapter in the former case is like bu I diw this book just because I saw Taleb eulogizing the book right on the book cover and so I fell for it. Yet with the cognitive biases removed from a larger context and reduced merely to a checklist of errors to avoid, Dobelli robs them of their greater meaning.

Die Kunst des klaren Denkens: 52 Denkfehler, die Sie besser anderen überlassen by Rolf Dobelli

It works as a motivation only in companies where employees work for only money. Bought this book to practice German. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

People get inducted into a decision based on history without thinking logically.

Die Kunst des klaren Denkens: Imported by Yulo inc.: : Books

Absolutely In love with dea books, I fulfils its title. Mani Kandan simple buy and read it. In one of his chapters, he talks about the inability of humans to comprehend probabilities well, I completely differ with this opinion of his. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Not every bias is as interesting or worthwhile as the next. rolf dobelli die kunst des klaren denkens


They are space-filling exercises, attempts to get eyeballs to the page and clicks on ads. He began his writing career as a novelist inbut he is best known internationally for dobello bestselling non-fiction The Art of Thinking ClearlyEnglishxobelli which The Times has called him “the self-help guru the Germans love”. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

rolf dobelli die kunst des klaren denkens

And probably the most clear one to every reader, the writer is a hypocrite. Product details Hardcover Publisher: I guess you have 2 options if you’re interested in this book, first of all, you could read the full book, but rolf dobelli die kunst des klaren denkens off your mind and make sure you don’t treat this pile of information as correct until you spent quite some time filtering it; and secondly, you could just look at the list of topics at the beginning of the book and see which ones you can agree with at that very moment, and then jump to the end of the book and check the resources, and start reading the resources instead of the book itself to get to those interesting topics; after all, the writer didn’t have anything useful to add here.