approx. 15 bar. Espresso approx. 20 sec/cup, coffee approx. 30 seclcup automatic with AV-> ENTER. Cancel with ESC. Operating Instructions. Saeco. MENU. Open service door. Remove drip tray/dregs drawer. Cappuccinatore. Saeco approx. 15 bar. Espresso approx. 20 sec/cup, coffee approx. 30 sec/cup automatic. Congratulations on your purchase of a Saeco Royal Gran. Crema full This user manual applies to HD The machine is made for preparing espresso coffee using By adjusting the bar on the display with the “ ” or “ ” scrolling button.

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Temperature sensor Although rarely, but the temperature sensor can cause this coftee as well. Gearbox damaged In extreme cases, the lack of lubrication can even lead to overexerting and damaging the gearbox. Disassembling the doser a Unscrew the doser cover by removing the screw 1. Electronic system Replace – END defective? Coffee beans saeco royal coffee bar manual If the machine can’t fill the scale in 20 seconds, it will give You this message, meaning that the container is either empty or the grinder blades saeco royal coffee bar manual blocked by greasy or wet coffee.

The small gear wheel can be assembled as required a Micro switch brew position b Micro switch home position c Micro switch dreg drawer d Micro switch brew saeco royal coffee bar manual Abb. Page 66 If one of the thermal fuses is compromised or the heating plate is defective, the gearmotor also does not function.

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Is the gearmotor energised? Place Saeco descaler into fresh water tank. Bzr to make expresso: Attach the housing and mount the lever in position 5. gar

Frequently The ground coffee fineness is probably set too rogal and the brew unit can’t compress it to a puck. Fault diagnosis Royal Classic 1.

Guide to troubleshoot your Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Coffee Machine

Make sure the service saeco royal coffee bar manual is properly closed and the flap pressing the door microswitch is not deformed. Got it, continue to print. EV are open to prevent an increased pressure in the water system caused by the descaling solution. Pull off the adapter angle 1 and pump holder 2. Dregdrawer full The machine counts the number of coffees made since the last time the signal came up and the rotal box was emptied and after about 20 coffees it will give the signal to empty it again, even if You have emptied it in between the two signals.

Switch the machine off from the main switch. Royal Coffee Bar Pre Page Fill water Water in tank? Boiler J is fixed with three screws Abb. Rkyal Fasten the lower fixing screw 1.

Grinder does not operate The grinder is either blocked by some foreign saeco royal coffee bar manual or the motor might be worn out or faulty. Information Royal Coffee Bar.

Page of Go. Remove the gear by lifting it a bit — pulling out the bottom side saeco royal coffee bar manual the gear first, and thereafter the upper side. Cleaning cycle Cleaning programme for brewing unit Factory Initialise standard saeco royal coffee bar manual settings only for Royal Dig.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Ventilate This message means that there is no water flow in the system and is mainly caused by a blockage in the water system or the brew unit, or a misplaced water tank. Is reed sensor Replace reed rkyal defective? Royal One Touch Service Manual. Page 20 About every 3 months Do not use vinegar!

Page 72 Coffee or scroll in menu and change value Expresso or exit menu Expresso lungo Selection of programming ccoffee The various functions indicated in the table can be checked by pressing the button combinations listed below. Brew unit clogged up A barr problem is that the shower disc is blocked by coffee residue.

HD Saeco Royal One Touch Cappuccino Machine | Best Espresso Machine

Page 22 Longer heating time or less hot water. Short Manual Royal Prof.

Don’t show me this message again. The dosing quantity is set automatically by shifting the doser housing wall together with its microswitch.