Stavan Manjari was composed in Sai Nath Stavan Manjari is a tribute by Das Ganu to Sai Baba of Shirdi Reading of the book 11 times or times fulfills . Stavan Manajari is the one of the most important Mantra of Shridi Sai App helps everyone to Listen Stavan Manjari in Music, while doing pooja and. 18 Sep It was said that Das Ganu Maharaj wrote a book named ‘Stavan Manjari’ just before 36 days of Baba’s Maha Samadhi. In that he mentioned.

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Anonymous Tuesday, September 29, 6: Das Ganu Maharaj is the spark behind Sai movement in Maharashtra.

Anonymous Thursday, October 01, 4: Sai Vrat for Nine Thursdays is becoming popular day by day. I left everything at your feet ow.

How Shirdi Sai Inspired Stavan Manjari Parayan And Its Execution

No one should suffer. Please give us happiness. I do hv my personal copy n I have distributed among my friends n relatives. Please bless me Deva to solve the issues I have.


Dear first devotee, II felt very happy by reading your experience. I am childish and love to be like that only whatever may come.

Please help your son to get through the difficult situation he is in and help him make right decision. Shirdi Sai Baba Miracles in this Post: Here it will get lost over a period of time.


Anybody can read this at any time — either in day time or night time but with full Shradha kn Bhakti. I am happy to join in this group. God with full power to bless his devotees. Anonymous Monday, October 05, 5: Everyone will live a healthy and happy life without worries. Vijaya March 22, at 1: Poojaji, I came to this blog because of a very serious problem today. Anonymous Friday, October 02, 2: To the childless, children will be born, All the ailments will be dispelled, Prestige will increase, Fear and worry will disappear.

You Might Also Like. Many devotees have been benefited by it and the list goes on increasing day by Sai Ramji Sai baba stavan manjari in can download its audio in sai baba stavan manjari in Marathi http: You are our saviour.

For all dear Sai Devotees!! Try this link http: Fill in your details below or click an icon to sai baba stavan manjari in in: Anonymous March 22, at 1: He travelled to every small towns and villages in Maharashtra singing kirtans about saints Tukaram, Gnanadev keeping a portrait painting of our Shirdi Wtavan Baba. Notify me of new posts via email. Baba plz fulfill my wish. Anonymous Wednesday, September 30, 6: I HAVE to believe that miracles wil happen”.

Hi You can download it online and its also available on this site. On the whole, it’s a nice vacuum that functions well, but we desire it had more convenience. OmSairam Baba please atavan us all.

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Omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam omsairam You could ask at lodhi road temple but I hardly see it anywhere. Excellent post dear Pooja Ji. Much of the literature we get to read today had been written in times of Sai Baba with His permission and thus we have received first hand treasure of literature and hymns from Sai baba stavan manjari in Baba Himself. May baba take care of sai baba stavan manjari in his children.

Being so blessed, you both are helping people like me to ward aside our troubles and sharing ways to rise up in life. Anonymous Tuesday, September 29, 9: Such treasure is very much powerful, reciting and reading it will bring one closer to Sai Baba. Dont forget to check out my official Facebook Page for pictures and updates.

Anindita Dutta Tuesday, September 29, 3: Sai baba ki iksha hogi to you ll recieve it from unknown sources as well. I have no words except saying thank you Saimaa ,Pooja ji and Dr Harsha. Kindly be cautious about your language and words. To make full use of it with great love and devotion is the only thing demanded from us.