Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth- century life. Perhaps the best written account of a soldier’s adventures and. I was able to find this book at my library (copies for sale are hundreds of dollars.) It’s the primary source for much of what McCarthy wrote. 16 Dec Samuel Chamberlain is for the most part an obscure footnote in the history of the American West, but his story garnered some attention in the.

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If you can get a hold of this book and you’re a fan of McCarthy, it is well worth your time to read the last forty pages, to witness the historical characters and events for yourself.

Chamberlain saw him also as a coward who would avoid equal combat if possible but would not hesitate to kill Indians or Mexicans if he had the advantage. Hate to tell you, buddy, but you kind of did. His desires was blood and women, and terrible stories were circulated in camp of horrid crimes committed by him when bearing another name, in the Cherokee nation and Texas; and before we left Frontreras a little girl of ten years was found in the chapperal, foully violated and murdered.

Samuel Chamberlain

But a different game altogether is recalling the mutilation of a lover, personal sorrow and humiliation, and chamber,ain stint with mercenaries notorious for their sadism and wanton cruelty. Its a pretty good read overall and there’s more of Chamberlain’s adventures that could be novelized, but I enjoyed seeing the seed of McCarthy’s story the most. Chamberlain was born in Center Harbor, New Hampshire to Ephraim Chamberlain [1] and soon afterward moved to Bostonwhere he spent most of his childhood.

Blood Meridian is a bleak and violent fictional account of the historical Glanton gang, chambeerlain band of scalphunters hired by the Mexican government to kill Comanche warriors. Description Samuel Chamberlain’s My Confession is a classic, ribald tale of nineteenth-century life.

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This is as much as I’ve seen from him so far—I’m not through the whole book yet—but flipping ahead, I see his name popping up some more. While this does diminish its value as a “historic record,” it does not diminish its chamnerlain as “history.

Hitchcock cut him down and for congession efforts was similarly punished. My gosh this is a brilliant screen play for a movie on the US-Mexican War. And before we left Fronteras a confesion girl of ten was found in the chaparral, foully violated and murdered, the mark of a huge hand on her little throat points out him as the ravisher as no other man had such a hand, but though all suspected, no one charged him with the crime. Now, to say Chamberlain’s book is McCarthy’s primary inspiration is a bit misleading.

May 07, David Ward rated it liked it Shelves: It also provides a fine first-hand account of life on the frontiers at a formative stage of US history. Who or what he was no one knew but a cooler blooded villain never went unhung; he stood six feet six in his moccasins, had a large fleshy frame, a dull tallow colored face destitute of hair and all expression.

My Confession by Chamberlain, Samuel E

This is a really cool memoir about a guy fighting and fing his way through the war between Mexico and the U. Nov 10, K. United States of America Union. The desperadoes disguised themselves as Apaches and raided the camp for supplies.

Samuel Chamberlain – Wikipedia

Samuel Chamberlain was a well respected person in Boston Massachusetts, a well regarded officer of the Union forces in the Civil War, married for over 50 mmy, who enjoyed a relaxing retirement in his large house in Worcester.

There he fell in love with an orphan girl and was prepared to marry her. IT is a great read and great fun.


After all, Chamberlain’s motivation for the book was a public demand for Mexican War inspired romance-adventures, which, unfortunately, had died down by the time the book was finished and the Civil War had begun. His undoubtedly exaggerated prowess as a ladies man perhaps overshadows his exaggerations of his ability as a fighting man and allows the reader to misdirect his doubt about Sam’s countless eamuel actions as a fighter and gunman.

Remembering war exploits is one thing; war is violent and horrifying but it is also societally-sanctioned and there is a long history of literature valorizing appalling deeds, and the people who committed them, when done in the name of war. But, much like his descriptions and paintings of battles and locations he’s historically known to never have seen, they remain a fonfession question and come off as more self-aggrandizement – most times obliviously, but sometimes intentionally for comic effect.

Hanging of the San Patricios. The family that clothes, feeds and restores his shattered health after he has been found “”insane”” and naked he cannot shame and, when the daughter beseeches him, “”the honor of the house of Ritter suffered not at my hands””. The scalpers fought and then ran and secured a small wooded position around the only source of water in the area; from there they were able to drive off their attackers.

His untrained but expressive, altogether fascinating paintings also demonstrate a good amount of emotional receptivity.

Blood Meridian is a bleak and violent fictional account of the historic Spoilers for this book and Blood Meridian follow. Sam rarely admits to losing a fight, and when he does he inevitably attains revenge at a later moment. They follow the same basic cnamberlain line.