24 Dec Now the Secret College of Necromancy is revealed in this comprehensive sourcebook by 2nd edition AD&D designer David “Zeb” Cook and former Dragon . D&D Secret College of Necromancy – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. D&D Secret College of Necromancy. Report. Post on Nov views. Category: Documents. download. Download. prev. next. out of

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Good for necromancers that really need to conceal the fact that they are necromancers or arcane casters. The spells, creatures, and the secret college itself have the foreboding feel that necromancy should have.

The Dragon Engine, an undead construct, is a CR of 13, while the Flayed Man, a spell using undead crafted from the dead body of a necromancer, is a CR of I’m definitely using the Ghoul, the terrible accidents the college has caused, the monsters and maybe some of the NPCs. Examples include the death angel an outsider serving the goddess of undeathnecromantic constructs, and new undead creatures like the flayed man and ghost hound.

For those who might be interested: There is also the possibility of owning an alchemist business, especially on the possibility of stripping down monster bodies for every bit of their organ components that might be used for material components, potion and other magic item ingredients, and exotic materials weird conversation pieces, leather, decorations like feathers, etc.

While only eleven monsters in total, most of them can challenge mid to high level groups. It captures and converts negative planar based energies and beings into experience points that can be used in making magic items and constructs. The Death Knight is a soul dedicated from birth by dark rituals and rites to serve the cause of evil. Friday, 1st February, Annaya marked it as to-read Mar 05, The third chapter, Graverobbing and the Undead is a curious mix.


First any neutral and good necromancers should not bother memorizing any of those of the “dark pact” or “mortal curse” or anything that turns you into anything but a quicklich or anthing else that is not either a contruct, talking skull, skeleton or zombie descriptions. Adventurer Necromancer Skills suggested maximums though this depends on the campaign style and type Minimal ranks: The other would be spell book that would actually be used and always kept in a secure and insulated protective case except when being used to memorize spells or add new ones.

Something to keep in mind is having one that can fit in human sized areas even with a grater than human size by being horizontal like most 4-or-more-legged animals.

secret college of necromancy

Mothman is an Artist marked it as to-read Oct 13, Each one of these spells summons 1d6 creatures of the given type per caster level. One particular magic item that might be necdomancy distributed probably sold at a discount among family and friends would be luckblades no wishes remaining as making a 3-wish luckblade takes less experience points for wishes that casting them in spell form and the leftover luckblade is still very good to carry around even if you can’t actually use it well as a weapon.

Chapter Six, The Secret College at Work, provides the GM with information on who can join, where the members meet, and a map of the Winter Manor, a massive estate just outside of the city where this feared haunted house hosts the Secret College.

An coklege would be a Gargantuan size dragon which would be best using a Siege Engine spell. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Ideas could include various airships from various game supplements that can have a bone machine or zombie-like features. Not all of these characters are necromancers, as some, like Bertolo, a death knight, are guards and direct servants, while others, like Coalfoot, were introduced secfet chapter as those who find the bodies that the college uses for experiments.


Have a career as an adventurer with job mission focus of exterminators first with support second and animators third.

The seventh level “Siege engine” should be noted as also being available for use in making other complex necromantic constructs, though making or obtaining the proper formulae and design plans is a separate matter. The necromancer also has a number of necromancy-related abilities, such as the ability to craft a necromantic undead or construct familiar, ability to control undead like a cleric, and various necromantic touch attacks. Secret College of Necromancy is broken up into seven chapters.

It starts by explaining that the Secret College is not so much a structure like an actual college but more of a state of mind and a metaphorical college. Don’t dig up the High Cleric’s granny. Conclusion The Secret College of Necromancy has some excellent ideas for necromancy in the campaign.

Jorge Richard marked it as to-read Aug 30, The description of these tomes were so interesting that I could imagine seeing them in some dark and vile chamber, poured over by a sinister figure.

necromanncy Both classes are in some ways more powerful than standard ones, and tend to be more evil and chaotic than standard classes, but it notes this in necrkmancy text and states that they should remain in the hands of the GM and only those GMs with enough grace to handle such different core character concepts, should allow them into the game. The class seems WAY over powered, and nowhere in the book do I see anything addressing the disparity in power between the wizard and necromancer despite what your review says.