View and Download SEKONIC FLASH MASTER L opearting manual online. FLASH MASTER L Test Equipment pdf manual download. Start-up Guide for the Sekonic L Exposure Meter You will use your camera in full manual mode, because you don’t need and don’t want to use its. 9 May Free Sekonic L Light Meter manual download in PDF format. Old (film) and new (digital) instruction manuals.

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This means the meter is now in aperture priority mode.

I feel some more thought could have gone into making this a one-handed operation. The L gave very accurate and consistant meter readings the whole time I had it.

Sekonic L Light Meter Manual //

Sekonic l 358 manual will now see the recommended shutter speed to use. First are 4 DIP switches to change or activate certain settings. Before Using Replacing battery during measurement or when using the memory function Always turn the power OFF before replacing batteries.

Move to a place with adequate light. Press the button, pop, you have your reading.

Here I used it to meter for sekonic l 358 manual strobe and soft box for some product photography of my Canon AE The last method is only available when the optional Pocket Wizard module is installed in the back of the unit. Select the mode you want prior to beginning measurements. Enter text from picture: Table of Contents Parts Designation Advanced Functions Memory function This meter can store up to nine measured values in memory.


Number of cumulative flashes Measured f stop Percentage of flash in total This equipment has been tested and sekonic l 358 manual to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant.

Turn the wheel so the aperture lands on f 4. Before you start shooting with your strobe for real, you’ll have to remove sekonic l 358 manual sync cord from the meter, and attach mqnual to your camera’s sync terminal so that it makes the connection between camera and strobe.

Turn the Jog wheel to set the channel setting. At the same time, channel numbers 1 to 16 sekonic l 358 manual 17 to 32 appear on the F stop area. You are now ready to take a reading. This works best with an assistant as the meter must be where your subject will be and then you have to trigger the flash somehow.

If after replacing the battery, or during measurements, strange screens displays that have mxnual been set appear in the LCD, or nothing happens, no matter what button is pushed, remove skeonic battery and wait at least ten sekonic l 358 manual and then replace the battery.


Hold down the Mode set button! The ambient light and flash light are each displayed as separate values together with the total sekonix of light on the analog scale.

Putting the L in available light, shutter priority mode: Turn the wheel until you see the sun symbol encased in a box. Now press the activation button once on the side of the meter and your flash should fire.

Instruction Manual/User Guide Download

Dual retractable lumisphere, Reflected: You need a light meter. When the sun is in the swkonic, it means that you have the meter set to available light mode. Turn the dial slowly till you know what I’m referring to. Since your camera is in full manual mode, sekonic l 358 manual be able to set its aperture and shutter speed independently, and they’ll stay there. Then aim the sskonic dome at the light source, and press the activation button once on the side of sekonic l 358 manual meter.

Keep it simple in the beginning