Full Text of South African Best Seller “Voice of a Prophet” by the Seer Van Rensburg Foreword by the English Translators It has been a privilege to translate this. 22 Apr This is the digital version of Voice of Prophet that describes the Visions of Nikolaas van Rensburg. He predicted the first world war, the second. Siener van Rensburg: Blaas Die Basuin [Adriaan Snyman] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the back cover: In hierdie nuwe boek.

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The End Times Forecaster: Nelson Mandela and the Van-Rensburg Prophecies

I had harnessed some oxen from Witsand to our motor car, siener van rensburg boek my brother, Piet Mussmann, had been wounded at Kuruman siener van rensburg boek was lying in the vehicle. Jack Brebner, secretary to President Steyn, where he was resting on his saddle. The Seer decided to stroll around the farmyard and then started talking to Mr. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent.

This was the battle of Blood River which occurred in the 16th of December The Afrikaner Boer nation was always seen as a greyish or brown type of animal. Lizanette rated it it was amazing Sep 20, Many horses, mules and donkeys emerged from the dunes at the entrance where the house stood, to drink.

They were about halfway when something happened that I cannot explain. Any news or links are the subject matter of those sources and not necessarily the opinion of the author.

Siener van Rensburg

He also predicted the arrival vqn messengers correctly. His mother, Anna Catharina van Rensburg, was a quiet, sensitive and soft-spoken woman and healthwise not very strong.


Nicolaas Pieter Johannes “Niklaas” or “Siener” Janse van Rensburg 3 August — 11 March [1] was a Boer from the South African Republic – also known as the Transvaal Republic – and later a citizen of South Africa who was considered by some to be a prophet of the Boers a segment of the Afrikaners [ citation needed ]. While leaning on siener van rensburg boek table with his left arm, he would slowly and repeatedly touch his forehead and rub his beard and siener van rensburg boek and again he would wipe the water from his eyes.

Arriving home, the Seer first went to warn his parents, who were living in the original house at Rietkuil as well as some of the neighbouring farmers to leave siener van rensburg boek area immediately, as the English were on their way to plunder their homes and capture their women and children. Now he and Nicolaas, the Seer, were together and between them they advised General Kemp what he should do. However, Siener van rensburg boek Bosman and someone else rode away to go and look for the cows.

The Seer siener van rensburg boek many men from his congregation joined General Kemp to take part. He called Van Rensburg over and explained his plan to him. Time will tell, but in the meantime I will repeat what I said above–“Thus in light of the Rensburg prophecies the situation in South Africa bears watching intently.

Sjener clearly recalls that the night was clear rensbury a full moon and from inside the darkened house they observed a number of mounted English slowly passing along the base of the ridge. What could it mean? But in the aftermath of the war I see a mourning-cloth descending over the world; a darkness when all nations will lament and pray; I see the sickle of death mowing down millions.


One day when their minister remarked to her how obvious and great the resemblance between her and her son was, she said: We positioned ourselves at Eersteplaas where the road runs aiener the ridge towards Grootneus. These animals also appear in different colours. This greatly disturbed him! If you see something again, please tell me siener van rensburg boek. He therefore made Nicolaas a shepherd, for he believed that was all he could do. But every siener van rensburg boek in a while the general sent a messenger.

She felt heartbroken and thought that the Afrikaners in there would never be released. Initially both President M. I see two men on white and brown horses, bearing a letter.

Throughout the years of war he lived closely to his people; associated with them on a more intimate footing than previously and this deepened his love for his country and his people even more. Eiener a siener van rensburg boek one could say he had ever seen the Seer with a gun in his hands or that he played an active part in the Rebellion.

Hager of Griekwastad and D. We are supposed to “fight the good fight” at all times, since the siener van rensburg boek prayers of believers can change any given prophecy. Anonymous December 11, at 8: He saw Ernsburg of Africans coming into SA illegally during black government. The Super Blue Blood Moon. I guess we’ll see before too long!