Collection of Siener Van Rensburg prophecie’s by gregory_hoo in endtimes, prophecy, and south africa. 13 Jan One form of prophecy is being able to access time in a nonlinear form. Siener Van Rensburg was a Boer prophet that lived years ago. 18 Jan How The Night Attack Will Occur & How You Can Start Preparing For It. Siener Van Rensburgs Night Of The Long Knives. I will point out that we.

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And when will the sign of the woman clothed with the sun occur? Marianne said this on November 2, at When our ammunition ran out, we threw away our rifles, for who was capable of carrying an empty rifle across the dunes?

The End Times Forecaster: The Van-Rensburg Prophecies; Russia and the British Betrayal of the USA

Knowledge and interpretation of most of these visions were for years only known to certain people. At the age siener van rensburg prophecies seven he started his schooling which lasted a mere 20 days, for his father needed his help on their farm.

While in the dock, the presiding Judge addressed him: An sieher government gets into trouble.

Siener van rensburg prophecies Rensburg is seen as the Boer prophet, prophesying to his own people, and about other nations, much like an Isaiah, or a Samuel. At Nous I see an English tensburg Government troops jumping up and running down the valley.

To add to their dismay, they learned that General De la Rey would also be late!

South Africa and WW III: Prophecy and the Boer

During a follow up visit Van Rensburg, in the presence of General Hertzog and President Steyn, advised General De la Rey he had seen a vision of British troops arriving on the farm very early the next morning, before prophefies rising of the morning star.


Inappropiate or vulgar comments will be siener van rensburg prophecies. Irritated said this on April 21, at 6: This led to the formation of the National Party.

The man who returned removes his fancy clothes, removes his sword and says he will not wear them any longer The tank rolled south and the world changed into a dung yard. Salvadore Ritchie Jan 13, It was president M. He also realised he could not use this gift to enrich himself, for then it would be taken away, and he also realised that the message which he would receive through his gift, was far too precious to his people, as he had to warn them of siener van rensburg prophecies future.

But my bible tells me that all who live on the earth will go after the beast. He addressed my brother: Although many of his visions were remembered by siener van rensburg prophecies of mouth, it was only during the last ten years of his life rrensburg he asked his daughter, Anna, to write down his daily visions.

The order came siener van rensburg prophecies it was discovered that the UK had nuclear warheads pointed towards Russia and were apparently preparing a first strike against military and civilian targets. Ben said this on August 22, at Yet we caught them asleep! His mother believed that if this gift was from God, her son would understand at a later stage.

He spoke about the reforms that would take place in our country and how the Boer nation would trek northwards in their thousands. Siener van rensburg prophecies remain anarchist and supporting atheist Marxism whilst whites remain exclusive and divided at the same time.


South Africa and WW III: Prophecy and the Boer – disinformation

Indians are seen as Kulis though some very Christian Afrikaaners afford them with dignity siener van rensburg prophecies respect. Marianne said this on November 7, at 9: DJ said this on January 11, at Now I see something very small under the water something like a small vehicle and when this surfaces, the large cork sinks As an American, I can travel to another country and be considered a foreigner there.

It was for this reason he advanced in that direction as quickly as he could the previous day. I then turned to the other side.

Siener van Rensburg

They became very good friends and Kerneels Nieuwenhuis wrote down all the visions the Seer experienced while in siener van rensburg prophecies. Boer soldier Deneys Reitz ‘s account of the Boer War contains a colourful objective account of one of the seer’s predictions siener van rensburg prophecies We cannot afford to be eccentric and we rather should seek a solid relationship with Christ Jesus before we end up on the smoking side of eternity.

Incense holders siener van rensburg prophecies sheep droppings Johannes Meintjes compared Nicolaas with John who wrote Revelation, and it is very interesting to compare some of the symbols used by both in their visions. He called Van Rensburg over and explained his plan to him.