Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Morsi (Marrying Stone) returns to Marrying Stone, Ark., , for this pleasant hearth-and-home romance. 23 Jun Simple Jess. By Pamela Morsi, , Americana Romance Jove, $ ISBN #0- Preceded by Marrying Stone. Sensuality: Subtle. Read “Simple Jess” by Pamela Morsi with Rakuten Kobo. Jesse Best is a simple man with simple ambitions, his own dog, his own gun and a woman. In this very.

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But sometimes miracles are right under your nose. Jesse is the reminder of the steadfast things in life. Normally American-set historical romance with the cliched cowboys is not my fave but the hero’s intellectual handicap appealed to me. When the story focused b Jesse and Althea interacting I was happy, but there were too many scenes dealing with the townsfolk, and especially Eben, that pulled me out of my groove. What an awesome book this must be.

Althea WinsloeJesse Best. Althea appreciates their concern but she doesn’t intend to norsi anyone’s advice on how to live her life after the death of her husband. Interesting unique plot, with no lulls I read this in one day non-stop.

Mail Pamels Bride Collection. Instead, we get him having an HEA and ending up with the woman he “loves” and mistreated and that’s putting it lightlyincluding on the very night he took her virginity.


In a world where everything is complicated, murky, and it’s hard to tell what is real and what isn’t, the simple gets taken for granted. But we never see that in the book.

I loved the sex scene between Althea and Jesse. This is definitely one of those books. Making Jesse lovable, in a way that made readers want to cuddle and keep him safe, was much easier than also making him a hero of this book. This entire scene read like rape to me.

Review: Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi

His ability to forgive is not based on his lack of intelligence but in the strength of his loving heart. The whole scene played like a terrible betrayal from the woman he already loved, because all he ever did for her was respecting and adoring both her and her child.

Stop eimple being a doormat as a valid strategy for building romantic relationships and gaining true love. Althea is given until Christmas to pick simplw a man, and to everyone’s surprise, except the reader’s, she chooses Simple Jess, a combination of Forrest Gump, Mr.

Simple becomes stunningly attractive Well hell, romance is fantasy, right? View all 12 comments. Our heroine, Althea, is awesome.

And while Baby-Paisley, who’s three years old, realizes how great Jesse is, Althea takes much longer. Yes No Thanks for your feedback!


Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi — All About Romance

Jess might have been “simple” in his mind, in his thought process, but he was not stupid, nor was he a saint – he was a strong man who wanted a dog, a gun and a woman. Battles her love for him.

He has a wonderful family that loves him and encourages him to do the best he can. And just because he cries and apologizes, all is forgiven?? If not for that element to the novel I’d have considered it a keeper to read again in the future. Without retelling the story I found that what I really liked is the powerful underlying messages about accepting those who are different, and about being who you are. View all 9 comments. We appreciate your feedback.

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Explore the Home Gift Guide. If you’re looking for a unique story with a historical setting, this is a good one. But what if she didn’t?