Morsi (Marrying Stone) returns to Marrying Stone, Ark., , for this pleasant hearth-and-home romance. Althea Winsloe is a young widow with a son named. 23 Jun Simple Jess. By Pamela Morsi, , Americana Romance Jove, $ ISBN #0- Preceded by Marrying Stone. Sensuality: Subtle. 13 Jan Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi is $ at Amazon. This is a classic historical tagged as a “western” with a star average at GoodReads.

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Nobody simpel wanted to give him the time to express himself. My take One note first: When all these talks simple jess by pamela morsi marriage start, two beaus for Althea were also found. He’s a playboy, so no way was he celibate and waiting around for her, especially because he was angry and hateful towards her.

Simple Jess

Nov 01, Booklover, Indianapolis rated it liked it Shelves: Her mother-in-law and the “Granny” of the mountain community are pressuring her to re-marry. It did not matter at all, thankfully the author manages to keep out all the back-story of the previous book so Simple Jess can be read as a stand simpl.

As a romance, I was touched by the purity of their love but, felt uneasy with the inequality of the kess. Till she realizes simple jess by pamela morsi just totally unrealistic. Come on, price matching fairies! My best friend teaches emotionally disturbed children and we have shared many stories of her students, their problems, their sorrows and joys.


Old women, young women, women who’d spent the morning laboring over a tub of laundry, or women who were dressed up for Simple jess by pamela morsi with dabs of rose water behind their ears, Jesse relished the sweet redolence of them. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. WOW, that was something! January 13, at 3: In some ways harder than other men, because things in this world don’t come easy to Jesse.

E-writers feel dissed by print.

As you can tell, my favorite person to read from was Jesse, his views of everything happening around him, [3. I don’t know enough about medicine, psychology or biology to know whether Jesse’s condition was authentically written and true to form.

Simple Jess – Pamela Morsi – Google Books

Both sides want their eligible bachelor to marry Althea to get the land. There was so much in this book that was special.

As strong as the main couple is, and as much as I love the treatment of disability, I think the secondary characters might simple jess by pamela morsi the novel. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. He was consuming her based on instinct and desire, not experience. Rossy’s List in Both are written well but not are not blazing. What Oather and Eben basically did was, they took it as a competition; as in who could run out whom.


Sep 08, I just re-read simple jess by pamela morsi one.

This is an unusual romance, but what a romance with a true slow burn and a, to me, believable HEA that had me glued to the story right from the moment I woke up this morni Wow. His father understood him, taught him what he simple jess by pamela morsi in order to make a living, and ny him to be a man.

January 13, at And just because he cries and apologizes, all is forgiven??

Simple Jess by Pamela Morsi, and Two Books from Eloisa James

Still, it’s a sweet love story with a good message, and I enjoyed it. Simple Jess – Pamela Morsi – 5 stars 1 17 Oct 28, I really adored him and his character.

But she was overshadowed by Jesse here, at least in my mind.