Spike Heels has ratings and 15 reviews. Comedy / 2 male, 2 femaleScenery: InteriorPygmalion goes awry in this contemporary comedy of manners which. 14 Nov THE title of Theresa Rebeck’s odd play, “Spike Heels,” stands for women’s dilemmas: ambivalence, masochism, confusion — all represented by. An introduction to Spike Heels by Theresa Rebeck. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written.

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Throughout the play, Andrew and Edward clearly perceive of Georgie as an object to be desired, subdued, and possessed. This section contains words approx.

Although many plays have their initial productions in small theatres around the country, it is not until they are produced in New York that they are taken seriously. Georgie thsresa her sexuality as a way to establish power, but her sexuality apparently backfires. Theresa Rebeck’s Spike Heels was the first heeps by this multitalented writer to gain wide notice.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. How much time do you need to get her to quit again?

Simulataneously dated and also eerily relevant. Daily News “Places a superior wryly pleasing [ Audrey rated it liked it Aug 19, Lydia, as well, is acted upon—like Georgie she is traded between the men, and she is also subject to the approval of her presumably male-dominated family. One of the most important themes of Spike Heels is power. That first production starred the well-known movie actor Kevin Bacon as Edward.

Spike Heels Summary & Study Guide

Jul 02, Daniel Pivonka rated it really liked it. As Rebeck has gone on to fame and recognition as a screenwriter for television and film, the play remains an important early milestone in her career as well as an intelligent examination of issues that are as apike today as they rebcek in Browse all BookRags Study Guides.


McKale Bingham rated it liked it Jan 20, Did not find it to be something I’d like to direct or be in. Spike Heels from Gale.

To Andrew, accepting a date spjke someone who threatened to rape her is absurd. In that sense, when she doffs them—as she does on stage—it emphasizes her powerlessness and her lack of a defined place in the world. It’s inspiring me-I need to get ahold of some good stilettos. In his attempt to recover the dominant position, he refuses to go when she tells him to leave.

The play captures these relationships at a point at which they are being transformed in ways that also transform the people involved. Edward convinces Andrew to tell Georgie he loves her. There is too much talk about how men view women as property, or want to be in control of every situation, or try to pass themselves off as sensitive even as they are being manipulative.

She is lusty, earthy, sarcastic, and fatalistic, especially in her relationships with men. Each of the characters has a form of power and attempts to wield it, with results that are not what the character was hoping for.

Introduction & Overview of Spike Heels

Edward plays the role of boss and of sexual predator. Mar 07, Ryan Gibson rated it it was amazing. Four people who don’t know what they want and once they finally figure it out, they live in denial. They continue discussing the events of the previous night and Andrew heells that he and Lydia had slept together while she was still together with Edward. The bet that they make symbolizes this.


You shouldn’t talk like that. Perhaps this is just another overturned dualism, in which Rebeck at first plays with but ultimately reaffirms the gender roles of Hollywood and the pre-feminist United States.

She is from an old, upper-class Boston family. But for all of its feminist overtones, it does not really transcend the gender roles of the Hollywood comedies to which Frank Rich alludes.

Considerations License details Minimum Fee: She is wearing her work clothes, including a pair of spike-heeled shoes. In the following essay, she examines issues of objedification and power in relationships between the sexes.

Spike Heels |

The women also embody the class dualisms common in American drama in stock ways. As Rebeck has gone on to fame and recognition as a screenwriter for television and film, the play remains an important early milestone in her career as well as an intelligent examination of issues that are as important today as they were in Its discussion of sexual harassment was particularly timely, coming as it did soon after Anita Hill was hostilely questioned by Congress about her assertions that Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas had harassed her.

I always manage to do what you say. What are you talking about, you feel stupid? Read more from the Study Guide. While wearing them, the women discover another connection besides loving Andrew: A good, edgy book about people who are die hard about their character.

The challenge between the men is who will win control of Georgie—under whose domination she will submit. Really fun 4 character play.